Sunday, May 31, 2015

Blog Every Day In May - Meeting Karen

Today I'm celebrating the fact that I completed Cate's challenge to blog every day in May! I have a wonderful feeling of accomplishment as the month comes to a close.

As I end this month of blogging, I'm reminded of how much this blog as brought to my life over the past five plus years . . . most importantly, new friendships. This past week, Robbie and I were able to meet up with another one of my blog friends!

We met Karen for lunch in Buffalo, New York as we were heading back to Texas on our recent nine-day road trip to Niagara Falls. Karen had sent me directions to one of their favorite restaurants, and we had a fabulous visit and delicious meal.

As Karen mentioned during lunch, people who don't blog really don't "get it" that it's not  like meeting someone you don't know. Karen and I have been reading each other's blogs for several years, so it was just like getting together with a friend I hadn't seen in a while. It was comfortable and FUN and the time flew by much too quickly. Karen is warm and friendly and energetic . . . and, of course, she snapped a photo of her meal before digging in (because that's what photographers and scrapbookers do, right!).

I was delighted when Karen pulled out a lovely set of handmade cards that she'd created as a gift for me! They are colorful and beautifully stamped with a variety of sentiments.

I don't think there was even a slight lull in the conversation as we visited and shared about our lives and places we'd been and places we hope to go. Karen and her husband enjoy traveling as much as Robbie and I do, so I'm hopeful that our paths will cross again in the future.

Thanks for driving through the summer construction to meet us for lunch Karen!!

BTW - have y'all noticed that there were quite a few blog friend meet-ups recently? Alison and Rinda visited an enchanted garden and Sian and Ruth chatted over a cuppa. Have you met up with any blog friends lately?


  1. I love seeing blog friends meet up....and so enjoyed my recent meeting with Rinda.
    You're completely right about non-bloggers 'not getting it'.

  2. Congratulations on blogging every day in May! And so pleased you had such a great meet up with Karen. It is such fun to see blog friends meet up :)

  3. It was so much FUN! And I'm hoping there will be another opportunity to get together in the future.

  4. How wonderful! Yes: Ruth and I had a brilliant afternoon together too. The power of the's an amazing thing

  5. I do so love the Internet for its power to create wonderful and lasting friendships!

  6. Great job blogging every day in May! I think it's wonderful that you are all getting together to met face-to-face.

  7. I just KNEW you and Karen would get along smashingly! Of course, being that you are both lovely human beings, how could you not? Wouldn't it be FUN if the three of us could get together for some scrapbooking???

  8. I'm so sorry to have missed you this trip! Hopefully our paths will cross again!

  9. Congratulations on blogging every day in May. I haven't met up with any blogging friends lately but always love it when I do. So glad that you and Karen met up and had fun together :)


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