Sunday, July 5, 2015

50 Things To Do Before I'm 50 - Niagara Falls

I checked off #36 (See Niagara Falls) on my 50 Things To Do Before I'm 50 list the last week of May when Robbie and I took a road trip from Texas to Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, with stops along the way in Mansfield, Missouri, Akron, Ohio, Buffalo, New York, and Hodgenville, Kentucky.

We arrived in Niagara Falls in the early evening of Memorial Day, when most everyone else was heading home after a long holiday weekend. We only stayed two nights, but it worked out perfectly because the holiday crowds were gone and the summer crowds had not yet arrived. We were able to stroll along and take lots of photos of the falls. I've seen photos of Niagara Falls but really didn't have a feel for the layout of the three falls until I was able to see it all in person. I was awed by the sheer power of that much water tumbling over the edge.

It was a beautiful day, not too hot, a little overcast at times, sunny at others. We spent most of the morning just enjoying the view.

We had lunch at a restaurant across the street. It's amazing how much better a hamburger and french fries taste when you have a view of Horseshoe Falls.

In the evening we took the elevator up to the restaurant in Skylon Tower.

The restaurant revolves, so we had a wonderful panoramic view while we enjoyed a scrumptious dinner.

Then we headed up to the observation deck, which we had almost completely to ourselves. We, of course, took more photos of the falls.

It was the perfect day, just the two of us enjoying the scenery, good food, beautiful weather, and each other. Here we are . . . at arm's length.

As usual, we captured a few reflections photos, too.

And finally, here's a look at the completed page in my 50 Things To Do Before I'm 50 mini-album.


  1. Awesome! I was able to go to Canada and the Niagara Falls when I was in high school. It is indeed beautiful!

  2. Looks amazing (and that cheesecake looks great, too)

  3. Although I've been Niagara Falls multiple times I've never been to the top of the Skylon Tower, and the view from there is certainly amazing!

  4. Your pictures are gorgeous. I've never been to Niagara Falls, but might need to put it on my list!

  5. really does look amazing

  6. Lovely photos and glad you have ticked another thing off your list. It's been 27 years since Hugh and I visited Niagara!

  7. We went once during early spring. Really cold! But still beautiful.
    I'm off to look at your lust. The album us great.
    By the way, you look so healthy and fit in these photos!


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