Friday, July 31, 2015

July Scavenger Hunt Finds

In June, I found 21 items on this year's Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt list, which I posted HERE. I had so much FUN that I challenged myself to find the items again in July, and I was pretty successful! I have 20 photos to share today, most of them taken during the week my friend LeAnne and her two boys were here visiting.(LeAnne has been participating in the hunt, too, and posting her photos on Instagram. We enjoyed hunting together, so you may notice a few similar photos!)

1. A bouquet of flowers -My Monday flowers from Robbie the week LeAnne & her boys were here for a visit.

2. An ornate door knocker - Door knockers are not common here in our area, but as I was driving slowly through our neighborhood one afternoon LeAnne spotted a few doors with knockers. They aren't especially ornate, but we were thrilled to find them!

3. A person walking a dog

4. People playing a board game or card game - We enjoyed playing games all week! Here's a photo of the Sorry evening . . . mostly because I lost!

5. Architectural columns -We drove by the heritage village near our home hoping to find an ornate door knocker, but found three columns on the old church instead.

6. A metal bridge -One VERY HOT afternoon at the park, I captured one of the many metal bridges on the playground equipment.

7. A turtle -Before heading into the air-conditioned movie theater to see the Inside Out movie, we ventured across the street and found turtles sunning on a log in the park pond.

8. Someone "plugged in" to social media -While we were watching the boys play in the water at the Sprayground, we noticed lots of parents in the area on their phones. It was difficult to capture a good photo as everyone was spread out and there were so  many areas of sun and shade. However, when LeAnne went to collect the boys to head home, I was able to capture this shot while I waited in the shade!

9. A tent -Several of the structures at the park resemble open-air tents.

10. A college or university - I captured this photo a few days after our visitors had headed back home. Robbie and I were on our way to see the Terminator Genisys movie, and we were almost out of range before I remembered this building right off the interstate. It's a satellite campus of our local community college.

11. A cellular tower or television satellite dish - As we arrived home one afternoon after an outing and some scavenger hunting, I decided to snap a photo of the satellite dish on our roof so I could check off one more item for the day.

12. A public restroom, bathroom, or toilet - Remember that tent structure from number 9 above - it's actually the public restrooms at the park. As you can see, I captured a FUN photo bomb while trying to get a shot of the doors (in the background) that lead to the restrooms.

13. A merry-go-round or carousel - We made a special stop at a local mall on the way home from a FUN day at Legoland. LeAnne needed to pick up a gift for her hubby's birthday (which happens to be the same day as mine!), and I wanted to capture a photo of the carousel. Of course, we also rode the carousel a couple of times and enjoyed some gelato while we were there.

14. A traffic signal -After driving around in a circle to find a convenience store with an ice-cold Coca-Cola, I was stopped at a red light long enough to snap this photo!

15. A flag pole with at least three flags on it

16. A panoramic view, taken while standing someplace high in the air -Taken from the second story balcony at the Frontiers of Flight Museum - a look at the hangar size display space.

17. At least two people wearing matching outfits or uniforms -Two of the volunteers at the Frontiers of Flight Museum.

18. An overloaded truck, car, bicycle or other vehicle

19. A ticket booth - The mall we stopped at to capture the carousel photo also has a movie theater, so we ventured up to the third level so I could snap this photo. (Unfortunately, LeAnne's phone was dead by this point in the day, so she wasn't able to check this one off that day!)

20. A natural body of water

21. A photograph of you with a sign reading "2015 Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt" - Before heading out to the park, we printed a sign to use especially for this prompt!

Alternative A: People eating outside - Because there happened to be a collectible trading card on the back of the packages, we have a large stash of Star Wars light saber colored popsicle sticks . . . which the boys enjoyed out on the patio several times!

Alternative B: Someone holding an umbrella - Some of you may recognize the outfits in this photo because I scrapped a similar shot from our first visit to the Frontiers of Flight Museum several years ago. However, I made sure to take a new photo for this year's hunt!

Alternative C: A rocking chair - I didn't see the rocking chair just inside the glass door of a museum until we were already passing it last weekend after my birthday lunch out with Robbie, Mama & Daddy. However, Robbie drove back around so I could snap a photo.

One of  my favorite parts of the hunt each year is getting to enjoy the hunt with friends, so this month was especially FUN with LeAnne and her boys here helping search for items. My favorite memory is the day we left the movie theater and realized that LeAnne had forgotten to take a photo of the ticket booth, even though we had talked about it earlier in the day. (This was the day after I captured my ticket booth photo at the mall.) I turned the van around and we headed back to the parking lot, where we stopped right out front so LeAnne could get the perfect shot!

Once again, I had so much FUN hunting for the items on this year's list that I'm challenging myself to find them all again in August! (Thanks for the INSPIRATION to be observant and take photos again this summer, Rinda!) 

Are you participating in the hunt? Which items are you still searching for?


  1. You did very well - again! Nice snapping!

  2. Love that tent and it's a beautiful carousel you've found, as well. You've done great, especially since you officially finished last month!

  3. Goodness Melissa, I'm having trouble finding my FIRST batch of prompts and you are doing it for a second time. I'm totally impressed. Super fun photos and a clever way to think outside the box on some of these.

  4. Well done on almost making it through the list twice.

  5. My goodness!!! Very well done! Have a grand weekend!!!

  6. Great set of photos, love your turtles and the tent restrooms, BJ

  7. What a FUN and cool capture for the tent and restroom!! I am struggling with the ornate door knocker, like Texas they just aren't common here.

  8. I love the thought of you starting out and doing it all over again. So, more lovely finds, more stories to tell...what could be better?

  9. Awww. . . . I love this post. I feel like I spent time with you and your friend. Thanks so much for sharing and linking up!

  10. Wow! What a successful hunt! I love how some of the items you just happened to stumble upon---like those turtles! What a great photo!

  11. looks likea fun time, it's lovely seeing a little part of your life.

  12. It IS so much more FUN looking for items on the list with a friend - probably why I enjoyed finding as many as we did in OCNJ with Deanna. I knew I could count on her to get into it, where my family really doesn't.

  13. Looks like you had fun! Great shots. I like the tent rest room.

  14. Second time around! Wow! I agree that the fun of this hunt is to do it with others :) I didn't get much help this year, maybe that's why I am still struggling to find some of the items!

  15. This is super!! I especially enjoyed viewing the 'game playing' photo with all the smiles!!!

    I joined in this time around and posted my finds. If you'd care to stop by for a visit, I'd love your company!!

  16. Oh what a great set of photos - and yes, it is definitely more fun to play with someone else!


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