Saturday, July 4, 2015

Three Scrapbook Project Completions

I've completed three more projects for item #37 (Complete 10 Scrapbook Projects) on my 50 Things To Do Before I'm 50 list.

I knew when I set the goal to complete our 2011 Chronological Albums this year that I wanted to pull a bunch of photos from my 2011 storage binders for a Photo Album Scrapbook documenting our nieces and great-nephew's visits here that year. I used a two-up album like the ones I've used for several other Photo Album Scrapbooks documenting visits in previous years.

I am scrapbooking and journaling stories from these visits for our 12x12 albums, so this small book simply holds photos with a title card for each section.

I also completed two Shutterfly photobooks. The first one is filled with photos of the four times we were together with Robbie's brother and his family last year - in Pennsylvania for the Philly Non-Sport Show, in Ohio on our unexpected trip in July, in Ohio again for a long weekend in October, and in Texas when Robbie's brother came down to help us celebrate Robbie's 50th birthday.

The second book showcases photos from this past March's spring break trip when we all enjoyed a week here in Texas. I should point out that I had some help with this book. Our nephew, Thomas, enjoys photography and has begun scrapbooking his travels. When they left here in March, I told him I would prepare the 2014 book and he could work on the Texas trip. When I called him early last week (so we could get these projects completed while there was a free photobook code at Shutterfly), he had all the photos uploaded and a book started. We took turns working on the book throughout an entire day. Since we were working long-distance there were lots of phone calls and texts and uploading to a family Share site, but it was a ton of FUN and he did a fabulous job on this first project!

The completion of these three projects means that I'm halfway to completing this item on my 50 Things To Do Before I'm 50 list! Have you completed any FUN projects lately?


  1. I absolutely love the idea of the long distance collaboration! Of course you can guess I am already storing up that idea to suggest to a boy I know :) Thank you. I bet the day you spent doing that? he'll never forget it

  2. Every time I read about someone's photo books, I'm reminded that I have one I need to create. I don't know why I'm intimidated by the idea, but I just can't seem to get going on it. Your wonderful focus is certainly paying off in completed projects!

  3. A collaborative photo book is an awesome idea!

  4. I got back to scrapping this week. I only have a few layouts left to complete my 2014,album.
    I need to do Clara's track photo book, and I want her to do a Peru shuttle fly album once she returns hime


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