Saturday, August 8, 2015

Around Here This Weekend

Around here this weekend, I'm enjoying . . .

Air-Conditioning - As the temperatures soar here in Texas, I am enjoying being indoors as much as possible!

30 Days of Creative Abandon - an e-course I won during a Cheeky Visionaries webinar last month. This course consists of a daily email with a topic that helps lay the ground for a lifestyle of creativity. The email includes a quote, short description and/or video, a challenge, and links to various posts on the day's topic. There's also a Facebook group for further discussion of the topics.

This is the first run (I think!) of this course that's going to be offered again on months with 31 days, so the next class will be in October. So far the topics are familiar ones, however I'm enjoying this fresh format and the curated list of additional readings each day.

Scrapbooking (of course) - finished another one of my April Top Five layouts earlier today! This was the fourth year Cheri and I have met up after meeting online through our blogs and the old BPC website, but it looks like it might be the first year we get to meet up twice as Robbie and I are planning another trip to Pennsylvania this fall!

The Motivated and Efficient Scrapbooker -  free video and pdf lessons from Get It Scrapped designed to help us speed up our scrapbooking process. I'm only on Lesson Two of this six-lesson class, but I'm already enjoying the INSPIRATION provided in the videos, pdfs, checklists and quick guides!

Movies - I spent most of Thursday rearranging our very large inventory of DVDs/Blu-Rays. We store our collection in the drawers of an armoire and chest of drawers in the guest room. Several years ago, I created a spreadsheet database to keep track of what we own (so we don't purchase it again). However, as the collection has grown, it became extremely difficult to find a particular item. I reorganized them so that items in a series/ category (TV show seasons, movie trilogies, Marvel Universe movies, Superman, etc) are grouped together. All the rest are now stored in alphabetical order by title. Along the way I updated the spreadsheet that now has over 700 line items!

When Robbie arrived home, he was thrilled to see what I'd been working on. He helped me go through the list one more time to be sure I hadn't missed anything. I had found nine duplicates in our collection, mostly because we'd upgraded from DVD to Blu-Ray or purchased an entire series that contained something we had separate. (Those items will be passed on to family members who will enjoy them, so we got in a little decluttering, too!) Of course, the reward for all this hard work is taking time to watch a movie each evening!

What are you enjoying this weekend?


  1. Goodness me, that air conditioning will certainly be needed. Enjoy your movies xx

  2. lol: we're enjoying being inside because it has officially been named as the coldest summer here in 22 years. Organising your DVD collection sounds like a great plan. I think we could do with having a go at that here too

  3. Happy to say, the weather here is much more pleasant. We spent yesterday at a friend's cottage at one of the Finger Lakes. Today I'm hoping to get some time to work on projects and do some walking! That's quite a movie collection! We're not movie watchers so our collection is old (outdated) and pretty small.

  4. Lots of neat stuff going on there. I especially like the colorful layout of you and friend Cheri!

  5. You've been very busy. I was too, but in different ways and none of it involved scrapbooking. I miss scrapbooking!

  6. Wow, that is quite a video collection!! Congratulations for getting it under control again. You deserve to watch a couple of them!

  7. My friend who moved to Dallas has been commenting on the heat and enjoying her pool.

    Great job on getting your DVDs reorganised. Over our week off Wookie has been ripping DVDs and recoding them so they are accessible from any device on the network - figuring we're more likely to see them and watch them. I used to have a database but it is out of date.


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