Saturday, August 1, 2015

INSPIRATION - July Review & August Plans

July started off with a little more family "drama", however that quickly settled down and it turned out to be a FUN month, with a variety of INSPIRATION throughout!

July Review
1. March, April, May & June Top Five - I'm challenging myself to scrap my top five (photos or stories or events) from the previous month. I'm behind on this challenge, but I did complete four layouts toward catching up with this goal during July: 3000-Piece Puzzle, Huey UH1 Ride, Easter, Putting in the Crop.

Earlier today, I finished the final layout for my March list, which tells my favorite story from our Spring Break vacation with Robbie's brother and his family.

Journaling reads: We were on the road to Houston . . . there were a couple of conversations going on with six of us in the car, when Kathy suddenly blurted out, "I just saw a lemon!" There was a moment of silence, then we all burst out laughing uncontrollably. She had seen a lemonade stand being hauled down the road, but no one else saw it. This phrase became our favorite during the trip and we made sure Kathy got lots of lemons at every meal.

I found the INSPIRATION for this layout in Sian's blog post showcasing her layout using the Get It Scrapped Scrapbook Page Sketch #102. I used  my sewing machine to add the lines radiating from the center of the layout. Once I completed the layout, I felt like it needed a border, so I drew in faux stitching around the edges.

2. Camp Scrap - The Camp Scrap 2015 class contained five different prompts with INSPIRATION for cards, layouts, mixed media projects, and techniques. So far I've only completed the materials for the first prompt, which inspired two of my layouts and one card. I'll be working through more of the materials this month.

3. Flow 30 Day Journal Project - I decided not to participate in this project in July.

4.Rinda's 2015 Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt - Once again, I had a very successful month of hunting - I found 20 items, which I posted HERE.

5. Blog Series INSPIRATION A-Z - I started this blog series and shared the first six posts. I know many of you were traveling and/or had very busy months, so here are links to those posts in case there's a topic that you missed and would like to check out!

A(Art)   B(Baking)   C(Creativity)   D(Drawing)   
E(Experiences)   F(Finishing)

My July
INSPIRATION resulted in 7 layouts, 3 cards, and the Christmas mini-album I completed during a class at Scrappin' Goodtime. I took a Bible Journaling workshop at another local scrapbook store, Personal Scrapbook, and attended a Faith Friends Bible Journaling meet-up at a (not-so) local scrapbook store, The Little Blue House.  I also published 22 blog posts
(+4 on the Scrappin' Goodtime blog).

I celebrated my birthday throughout the month, beginning with FUN gifts from my Crafty Tuesday friends early in the month. Robbie outdid himself (as usual) with lots more gifts, and Mama & Daddy arrived for lunch out at Babe's Chicken House with a large rectangular package that turned out to be four blank canvases!

For the month of August, I'll be exploring and acting on INSPIRATION in several ways:
1. July Top Five - I'm challenging myself to scrap my top five (photos or stories or events) from the previous month. Along with continuing to catch up with my April, May, and June Top Five, I'll be scrapping these stories from July: (1) Fourth of July, (2) LeAnne, Aiden & Logan's Visit, (3) Legoland, (4) July Scavenger Hunt Finds, and (5) My 46th Birthday.

2.  Rinda's 2015 Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt - I'm challenging myself to complete the Scavenger Hunt again during the month of August, with a FUN little twist . . . that I'll share when the photos are ready! :)

3. Blog Series INSPIRATION A-Z - I'll be working on the next series of posts for my blog series on INSPIRATION.

4. Reading for INSPIRATION - Robbie picked up several great books for my birthday that I'll be enjoying this month. 


What kind of INSPIRATION did you enjoy in July? What are your plans for exploring and acting on INSPIRATION in August?


  1. I find you very inspiring. Always after reading your blog posts, I think what great ideas you have x

  2. I was on the road almost the whole month of July, which was actually very inspiring! I did read four books, all of which I enjoyed. You always impress me with all you accomplish every month.

  3. There's nothing like a month long birthday!!! Love the stitching and faux stitching!

  4. I love what you did with this sketch! Especially that very special Melissa touch of yellow.

    Like Karen I think I have taken lots of my inspiration from travelling in July. It's so good to get out and about somewhere new and to take some pictures.

    All the best the a creative August!


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