Sunday, October 18, 2015

Bible Journaling INSPIRATION

There are many sources of INSPIRATION for what to journal or illustrate when it comes to Bible Journaling. (In a previous post, I discussed the difference between INSPIRATION for what and how we journal.) One primary source of content for me is sermons that I've heard at church.

During Sunday morning service, I typically take notes on the pastor's sermon, usually on the bulletin. These notes are often scribbled hurriedly and may run in several directions on the page if there's not a notes page in the bulletin. I try to capture the main points of the sermon as well as quotes or comments that stand out to me. Later I'll review my scribbles and pull out the pieces I want to include on a Bible Journaling page.

One recent sermon focused on Hebrews 12:1-3, and I recorded the five main points in my new journaling Bible because I want to remember that while "running the race set before me"
*I can draw encouragement from the great cloud of witnesses,
*I should lay aside every weight and encumbrance and sin,
*I will run with endurance,
*I must look away from other things to look to Jesus,
*and, when I consider Christ, I won't become weary and discouraged in my soul.

In his sermon last week, our pastor asked us if we were "professional Christians" or "Christ followers" - definitely a though-provoking question.

I actually came home and added this page to my Bible later that afternoon.

Do you take notes on sermons you here? What do you do with those notes?


  1. I love those 5 points. I've never taken notes on a sermon but I do often try to reflect on the point of the homily (as we call it in the Catholic church). Far too often, the Priest is too hard to follow and his message is confusing, though! LOL!
    Rinda (who's wading back into blog land and happy to see you as inspired as ever)

  2. I take notes most of the time during the sermon. It helps me stay focused and on point. I jot the notes down but then never seem to do anything with them. I am inspired to do Bible journaling and not sure where to start. I recently attended a funeral where a mother wrote letters to her five children throughout her Bible. This would be the best gift to receive from someone. I am inspired to get started and I just need to. Thanks for your words of inspiration. ~Ann

  3. Such a thought provoking post. Thank you ... You've got me thinking xx

  4. You clearly have good clear speakers for your sermons :). And I am impressed that you make notes and reflect on them afterwards. I think that takes you out of the professional Christian category!

  5. I'm currently taking part in a bible study with some friends (over at Hello Mornings) and enjoying the challenge and discussions. Yes, I take notes from sermons or articles and go over them.

    This bible study I'm using my study Bible (rather than the study app with various versions in one) and handwriting the answers to the prompts and enjoying seeing the previous notes/comments in the bible. Most of the page is filled with their notes/comments so my handwritten bits are squeezed in.


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