Sunday, November 1, 2015

INSPIRATION - October Review & November Plans

October was a really good month around here, filled with travel, teaching, football, get-togethers with friends and family, and INSPIRATION!

October Review
 1. Top Five - I'm challenging myself to scrap my top five (photos or stories or events) from the previous month. If you've been following along with me this year, you know that I'm several months behind. I still have layouts to complete for the months of May, June, July, August and September. This month I only completed two layouts (both of them yesterday), however they are two of my Top Five for October. I completed the Rain Boots layout and this layout that uses the same sketch modified for more photos and memorabilia from a day spent with some of the ladies from our church.

2. Blog Series INSPIRATION A-Z - I did not add to this series in October, but here are links to the posts that have been published so far.

A(Art)   B(Baking)   C(Creativity)   D(Drawing)   

E(Experiences)   F(Finishing)   G(Goals)

H(Hiking)   I(Immersion)

3. Bible Journaling Workshops - I taught six classes on Bible Journaling this month, alternating between Scrappin' Goodtime and Personal Scrapbook. One of the classes was another Intro to Bible Journaling like the ones I taught in September. The other classes were technique and product focused classes. I came up with the idea of giving the classes titles based on the technique/product and the topic I would be using for the devotional time, so I've taught two classes on Alphabets, Arrows & Acts, one class on Stickers, Stamping & Samuel, and two classes on Gesso, Gelatos & Genesis.

I don't always remember to take photos (yikes!), but here's a look at some of the classes.

I have to admit that I was a little nervous about the Gesso & Gelatos workshop because I've just started using those items in my Bible. The classes actually went really well, and I especially like this sample page I created using gelatos (dry blended) and letter stickers to mimic Isaiah's response to the Lord.

4. Reading for INSPIRATION - I did not have a chance to dive into the books on INSPIRATION that have been in my pile for a few months now: Creative Girl, Creative Doodling & Beyond, and Art Journal Freedom

5. Travel - We had a great time on our five-day vacation a couple of weeks ago! We flew to Ohio and took a road trip with Robbie's brother & family to Pennsylvania. We stopped at the Flight 93 Memorial, toured Gettysburg, went to the Philly Non-Sport Trading Card Show, met up with Cheri, saw The Martian movie, watched the Cleveland Browns (on TV) lose yet another football game, and toured the Christmas Story house & museum. We also got to see some beautiful fall colors along the way!

There was other INSPIRATION in October also as I watched some Creative Live classes, caught up on the Paperclipping Roundtable episodes, created a couple of sample vision boards for a class I'll be teaching at the library in January, and published 9 blog posts (plus 1 on the Scrappin' Goodtime blog and 1 on the Personal Scrapbook blog). And we've been working on our home project of rearranging and moving several rooms, which I'll share more about soon.

For the month of November, I'll be exploring and acting on INSPIRATION in several ways:

1. Top Five - I'm challenging myself to scrap my top five (photos or stories or events) from the previous month. I will definitely make some progress on catching up with this goal in the next few weeks! My other three Top Five for October are: (1) Ohio/Pennsylvania Trip, (2) Gettysburg, and (3) A Christmas Story House.

2. Bible Journaling Workshops - I have four Bible Journaling Workshops scheduled this month. On the 6th and 7th, I'll be teaching Tip-Ins, Tabs & Titus at Personal Scrapbook (check out all the details HERE) and on the 17th I'll be teaching Inks, Illustrations & Isaiah at Scrappin' Goodtime (details coming soon).

3. Blog Series INSPIRATION A-Z - I'll be working on the next series of posts for this blog series on INSPIRATION. I'm hoping to have a post every few days to complete this series before Christmas.

4. Reading for INSPIRATION - I'm hoping to find time to enjoy INSPIRATION from Creative Girl, Creative Doodling & Beyond, and Art Journal Freedom this month.


What kind of INSPIRATION did you enjoy in October? What are your plans for exploring and acting on INSPIRATION in November?


  1. You had a VERY busy October and looks like November won't be much different for you but it's a GOOD busy! I'm still so excited for you doing the Bible Journaling Classes!

  2. I have no idea how on earth you fit all that in! I can barely find time to edit my photos and scrap a few pages digitally ... Your whole approach is inspiring :).

  3. You are the busiest scrapper I know. It's a joy to see how your past month worked out and to hear your intentions for the coming month

  4. You always have the most amazing recaps each month! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one behind in my scrapping goals. I promised myself I wouldn't let it happen again, and here I am with four months to do! I recently found a wonderful blog that focuses on Bible journaling called Visual Blessings. I'm not ready to journal in my Bible, but thanks to you, I am thinking about illustrating some verses in my sketchbook.


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