Tuesday, December 1, 2015

INSPIRATION - November Review & December Plans

Can y'all believe it's December already! November was a good month around here. I was successful with my goal to exercise at least 30 minutes every day, we celebrated Robbie's birthday and enjoyed a quiet weekend at home for Thanksgiving.

November Review
1. Top Five - I'm challenging myself to scrap my top five (photos or stories or events) from the previous month. Another month has gone by without any progress on this goal!

2. Bible Journaling Workshops - I taught four Bible Journaling Workshops in November. I truly enjoy these classes and the beautiful ladies who join me for a couple of hours of learning new techniques and diving into the Word.

I especially enjoyed using the AdornIt Documented Faith Art Play Paintables as inserts and traceables this month.

3. Blog Series INSPIRATION A-Z - I published six more posts in this blog series on INSPIRATION. Here's a link to all the posts so far.

A(Art)   B(Baking)   C(Creativity)   D(Drawing)
E(Experiences)   F(Finishing)   G(Goals)   H(Hiking)
I(Immersion)   J(Journaling)   K(Knowledge)
L(Learning)   M(Movement)   N(Nurturing) 

4. Reading for INSPIRATION - I found a good bit of INSPIRATION in the Creative Girl book! When I first started reading through it, I didn't have a bookmark handy, so I pulled a coloring book and some colors out of the end table by my chair and created one just for FUN!

Even though the author's drawing and painting style are quite different from my colored-and-cut-out princess, I enjoyed seeing them together as I read through the watercoloring techniques and step-by-step directions for mixed media projects throughout the book.

I took INSPIRATION from the ideas for drawing and doodling and drew a house for my Bible journaling page on Joshua 24:15.

I also used the idea of a watercolor wash over an old book page as INSPIRATION for watercoloring the page out of an old hymnal. I pulled some words from my new Word Jar (another idea from the book) and added them over the watercolors.

Creative Girl was definitely a book filled with INSPIRATION! I still have Creative Doodling & Beyond and Art Journal Freedom in my to-read pile. 

Other creative INSPIRATION in November led to the creation of 1 scrapbook layout, 81 Christmas cards, and 2 Christmas ornaments (all of which I'll share in future posts). I completed numerous Bible journaling pages and published 16 blog posts (+3 on the Scrappin' Goodtime blog and 1 on the Personal Scrapbook blog). 

December Plans
1. Top Five - I'm challenging myself to scrap my top five (photos or stories or events) from the previous month. I am really hoping to make some progress on this goal during December! My top five for November are: (1) Bible Journaling Workshops, (2) Robbie's birthday, (3) The Cac-tie, (4) Just the Two of Us, and (5) Finally Making Cards!

2. Bible Journaling Workshops - I have three Bible Journaling Workshops/Events scheduled this month. On the 5th, I'll be teaching Intro to Bible Journaling
at Scrappin' Goodtime (check out all the details HERE) and hosting a six-hour Demos & Devotionals Event (check out all the details for this Bible Journaling "crop" HERE). On the 10th, I'll be teaching Photos, Papers & Philippians at Personal Scrapbook (check out all the details HERE). In preparation for these classes, I've created sample pages in the Bibles that are on display at the stores.

3. Blog Series INSPIRATION A-Z - I'll be completing the final posts for this blog series on INSPIRATION.

4. Reading for INSPIRATION - I'm hoping to find time to read and be inspired by
Creative Doodling & Beyond and Art Journal Freedom.

5. Celebrations - I'm sure to find lots of photography INSPIRATION throughout this month as it's filled with holiday events, Christmas traditions, and the celebration of our 14th wedding anniversary.

What kind of INSPIRATION did you enjoy in November? What are your plans for exploring and acting on INSPIRATION in December?


  1. I'm finding myself already wondering what your word will be next year and slightly in awe of all you manage to fit in during a month x

  2. You do A LOT! That Creative Girl book looks excellent: I have been playing about more with little bits of paint and ink but I could do with actually learning more about what I'm doing. Best of luck with your creativity in December

  3. You accomplishes a lot and it is filled with "inspiration"
    (and FUN ;) ) I get jealous I every time I see you've had a Bible Journaling class, wish I could attend!

  4. Your technique in your Bible Journaling pages is really progressing and it looks so fun! That Creative Girl book looks great too - can't add it to my list as right now I already have too many awaiting my attention.

  5. I've just borrowed Creative Girl on your recommendation - although I won't have such a cute bookmark. The words jar sounds like a great idea too.

    I'm impressed by the 81 Christmas cards too - made a dozen or so today so I know how long that can take!


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