Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sunday Musings - God Rested

On this first Sunday of the new year, as we're enjoying time at home, relaxing, watching football, and enjoying the sun shining in through the windows, I'm contemplating this thought.

I believe following God's example of rest will be key to accomplishing my ambitious focus goals for 2016. Over the past year or so, I've gotten in the habit of treating Sunday like any other day of the week, skipping church, doing chores, running errands, staying busy. However, I am excited to begin this year with a renewed focus on regular Sunday morning church attendance and maintaining a slower, more relaxed focus.

How do you take time to rest each week?


  1. Lovely journaling page you created for today Melissa! I can't wait to see where this takes you in this new year. I too need to focus more on attending Church and resting on this 7th day that our Lord created!
    So thankful you joined in with me today!

  2. Have you read Priscilla Shirer's Bible study, Breathe? About creating Sabbath.... I think you'd like it and it fits with what you shared here! Hope to see you Tuesday!

  3. We go to church nearly every Sunday, and I try to spend some down time in the living room (and not my studio) reading the newspapers. At night we watch 60 Minutes---since I don't watch much TV this is a good change.

  4. Of course, with church on Sunday, and in 2016 I'm fighting the urge to get started on Monday's chores on Sunday evening. I hope to spend the time reading or doing other things instead - maybe even a little planning.


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