Sunday, January 31, 2016

January Round Up - Continuing the Conversation

I love getting comments here on my blog and often reply to individual questions or suggestion via email. However, I thought this year I would address and share some of the comments and my replies here at the end of the month.

In my Hello 2016 post, I shared my focus goals for this year. Barbara said...I like the idea of goals rather than resolutions. Yours sound doable and you seem to be starting off on the right track. I want to go through my whole house and do a major clean-out. One thing I've learned through the years and in my organizing business---the more space you have, the more stuff you keep!! I'm going to try to be ruthless---if I haven't used it in 5 years---it goes!!! Clothing is a different matter. If I haven't worn it in a year, it's gone!! Wish me luck. I how a daunting task ahead of me!! Good luck Barbara! I like your criteria for deciding what stays and what goes.

Ann said...Happy 2016. Great post. I actually chose the word Quiet this year as my word, not actually taking Ali's class but focusing on the areas in my life that needs some quiet. These areas are similar to your topics. I think my main focus is to just live and not worry so much what others are doing. I get caught up in HOW I should do things, instead of just doing it. My plan is to have no plan and HAVE FUN. Thanks for sharing. Love reading your blog and happy you are safe from all the crazy weather in Texas. I really like Ann's idea of just living and not worrying so much about how to do it, just get it done! That crazy Texas weather that she mentioned happened right after Christmas while we were still on our vacation in Tennessee. There were tornadoes in the Dallas area and quite a few homes were destroyed in one town east of Dallas. We learned that the tornado sirens went off several times in our town, however no tornadoes touched down here.

In response to my Sunday Musings - God Rested post, Ellyn said...Have you read Priscilla Shirer's Bible study, Breathe? About creating Sabbath.... I think you'd like it and it fits with what you shared here! I have not read that Bible study but have added it to my list of things to study/read this year!

After reading about my Breakfast Flatbread Pizza, Sue said...Looks delicious! I've been experimenting with overnight oatmeal in the Crock Pot. Smells great when you first wake up! Oh, waking up to the smell of oatmeal cooking is intriguing - I just might be trying this soon!

I am excited that Cheri, Alexa, Juliann, Alison, Karen and Cheryl are joining me in the FIT 2016 class and that Rinda, Jane, Sian, Susanne, Sandra, Beverly, and Missus Wookie will be cheering us on! It's so FUN to have a group of friends along for the journey and a whole cheering squad, too!

Missus Wookie left a this comment on my First Book Completion & 2016 Reading Challenges  post...I've read some steampunk - there is quite a bit of YA literature out there too if you'd like some suggestions. Of course, I replied "YES" and now I have a nice list of books to choose from for the Clogs, Cogs and Mechanisms Reading Challenge.

After reading about my new recipe successes, Sian said ... I'm intrigued by the dish you name as "Hoppin John": I wonder what the story behind that is? I looked up the etymology of the name "Hoppin' John"and discovered that the origin of the name is uncertain, however it is most likely an adaptation of the Haitian Creole term for black-eyed peas (pois pigeons). Other (more questionable) explanations might be the story that there was an old, hobbled man called Hoppin’ John who became known for selling peas and rice on the streets of Charleston, South Carolina, or the fact (or rumor) that slave children hopped around the table in eager anticipation of the dish.

Cheryl popped over to check out my new Bible Journaling Pinterest Boards and then said...Oh my! Coming back to say....would you like to organize MY Pinterest Boards for me?! LOL Thanks, Cheryl, but I'll stick to trying to keep my boards organized as I slowly add INSPIRATION to them! :)

I truly appreciate each of you who caught the most important snippet in my Memorandum Monday - Tidbits of Genius post! Karen said...I hope your mother is doing better.  Sandra said...Hope your mum is doing better and sending good vibes her way (and yours X). Sian said...I'll be thinking about you and your mum this week. Alison said...Sending good wishes for your mom. Jane said...sending good wishes to your mum. Alexa said...I am sorry to read the news about your Mum, Melissa, and hope there will be good support for you all. Susanne said...Said a little prayer for your Mom. MissusWookie said...Sorry to hear about your Mom - holding her in the light.

Mama is doing much better now that her blood pressure is under control and the build up of fluid has been released. She has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure, which is incurable but can be managed with diligent monitoring. The day I spent at the hospital with her, I brought along a coloring book and snapped this photo.

I used one of the Starting Points I created a few weeks ago to showcase this photo and the story about Mama's diagnosis.

After the initial disappointment of the diagnosis, Mama is adjusting well to the medications and learning to monitor the symptoms that resulted in her having to be admitted to the hospital. In fact, she felt well enough that she joined me at the Demos & Devotionals Bible Journaling "crop" I hosted at Personal Scrapbook yesterday! (Daddy even bought her a new Bible so she can try out some illustrated journaling!) Thank you so much for the prayers and good wishes!

On that same post, Alexa said...I was a little horrified that you had to be fingerprinted, just to be able to continue working. I think there'd be a huge protests here. Yes, there is apparently a new law here that requires all educators to be fingerprinted in order to maintain our teaching certifications. When I considered that teaching job back in the fall, it must have triggered something in the system and I received notice that my certification would be inactive until I complied with the new law. I'm all up-to-date now and my credentials have been reactivated.

My review of The Gifts of Imperfection lead Missus Wookie to ask...Will you review next month's book as well? Yes, my plan is to try to read and join in all the discussions for the Simple Scrapper Book Club. I'll also be sharing lots of other books reviews throughout the year, too, of course!

Thanks for all your wonderful comments and questions!


  1. I really enjoyed reading this post. And thank you for answering my question :) I hope you keep up this kind of a round up: it's been very interesting to have you take us back and revisit some of your stories from the month.

    Re fingerprinting: we were taken aback here a couple of years ago when school fingerprinted all the pupils for a new role call method.

  2. what a lovely post, I do enjoy reading your blog. I'm so pleased the medication is helping your mum, our mother's are so special x

  3. All your posts are enjoyable but this one just had the edge ... I loved it. Glad to hear too your mum is doing better xxx

  4. The round-up is great, but more importantly, so glad to hear you Mom is doing better and managing well with medication!

  5. What a great post!
    I'm glad to hear that your mom is managing her heart disease. I will keep her in my prayers.
    And love how you used the starting points for that layout.
    Hope you're having a great day.

  6. I love this kind of post because it highlights the back and forth of commenting on blogs. And what is the next book in the SS book club, I missed out in January and hadn't seen the Feb. book yet?


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