Monday, February 29, 2016

February Round Up - Continuing the Conversation (& Memorandum Monday - Calf Feeding)

I was absolutely thrilled with the positive responses to my January Round Up post where I shared some of the comments on my blog posts along with my replies. Sian said...I really enjoyed reading this post. And thank you for answering my question :) I hope you keep up this kind of a round up: it's been very interesting to have you take us back and revisit some of your stories from the month. Jane said...what a lovely post, I do enjoy reading your blog. Sandra said...All your posts are enjoyable but this one just had the edge ... I loved it. Cheri said...The round-up is great. Rinda said...What a great post, and Susanne said...I love this kind of post because it highlights the back and forth of commenting on blogs. So, I'm excited to continue with a round-up of comments and replies from my February blog posts.

Susanne also asked...And what is the next book in the SS book club, I missed out in January and hadn't seen the Feb. book yet? This was an easy question to answer because Jennifer Wilson actually posted the first six month's books on the Simple Scrapper Book Club page. I did not participate in the February discussion as we were out with friends that evening, however I'm almost done with the book (Better Than Before) and will be sharing my thoughts an upcoming post.

When I said Hello to February and mentioned that I had not accomplished my "adventure" goal of spending a day at our local science museum, Ellyn said...great month! we stole your January adventure and EXPLORED the Perot Museum with Leigh Anne yesterday! lots of fun. So glad I could provide the INSPIRATION for their outing!

I shared my healthy living progress/successes for January, and Juliann said...Well done! I like that quote about striving for progress not perfection. That quote was one provided by Cathy Zielske in the FIT 2016 workshop. I really like that she's providing these motivational quotes throughout the year!

Cheri said...I'm so glad you joined too! I am happy to have company on this crazy journey this year. I get really jealous when I see people for whom the weight just seems to be melting off as I am struggling for each and every pound, but I'm committed this year. I've been fighting that internal voice that keeps telling me to throw in the towel - eat the cookies and bread - stop trying so hard. I think maybe it is finally starting to get the hint! Alison said...Well done Melissa.....I started well but my trip put me off trying to get back on track now. I was thrilled with my January progress, but (as you'll see in an upcoming post) my February did not result in the weight melting off as easily.

After sharing my book review of  The Shipping News by Annie Proulx, I learned something new when Jane said...I've not read the book but have seen the film as someone recommended it to me. I can't say I enjoyed it much but I do find the book is always better. And Karen said...Our book group read The Shipping News years ago, and if I remember correctly, we, too, gave it mixed reviews. It wasn't any easy read, but the writing was remarkable, and we were glad we had read it. I only vaguely remember seeing the movie. I had no idea there was a film based on the book. 

As I share my Bible Journaling pages, I often get comments like this one on my Sunday Musings - Obedience post. Barbara said...I love your artwork. I think it's a wonderful way to combine your spirituality with your art. Unfortunately for me, I cannot draw a single thing! Still, it would be fun to stumble upon a bible illustrated like yours. I must admit that most of my art (like the first example in that post) is traced, often from coloring pages! I place the coloring page under my Bible page, trace with pencil, then go back over that with a pen before coloring. Here's an example where I traced the image from a piece of patterned paper.

Juliann said...Thank you for sharing this. I have been thinking a lot about God's call in my life through creation. I also want to start journaling in my Bible but every time I pick up my pens I freeze. I know I just need to start. For those of you in this situation, I wrote a post last fall about overcoming obstacles to getting started with illustrated Bible journaling.

Thanks to each of you who commented with congratulation on my parents 50th anniversary - they enjoyed reading through those comments!

Helena got me wondering, too, with her comment about the Gifts to the American People...a fascinating display - made me wonder who has the job of choosing such gifts in some of these countries - I think it would be a fun task. And Mary-Lou said...A very interesting Snap collection. Some truly unique & beautiful gifts. I would be curious about the tale with each item of why it was chosen to represent the country giving the gift.

I am enjoying my Gratitude Journal this year and found that many of you also track the things you're grateful for on a regular basis. Karen said... I am keeping a gratitude journal this year, but it's not anywhere near as elaborate as yours. Mary-Lou said...I have kept one for years & I would recommend to everyone. Cheri said...Right now I'm keeping a "Five-Minute Journal" that I write in each morning what I'm grateful for. Writing my gratitude in the morning rather than in the evening is a very different perspective. Ann said...I don't keep a journal but do write everyday in my planner the happenings of the day. I like to reflect back on what happened and note anything noteworthy. Rinda said... Last November, I kept a daily gratitude log. Sandra said...I love this, really do. I don't keep a separate gratitude journal but i write down each day 3 things I'm grateful for in my bullet journal. 

And joining in today with Sian's Memorandum Monday meme sharing something NEW (something you did over the weekend FOR THE FIRST TIME or something you learned and DIDN'T KNOW BEFORE). This weekend I was once again teaching a Bible journaling workshop at a church out of town. One of the ladies from the church opened her home for me to stay overnight. Friday afternoon, I arrived at her home just in time to meet the pastor, who keeps his cow in her barn. I'm pretty sure this was the first time I've ever met a pastor in a barn! Then I got to help bottle feed the new calf - definitely the first time for me! [Unfortunately, I didn't think to snap a photo!]

However I did capture a few shots of the great accommodations. My host's daughter is away at college, so I got to enjoy the Princess Suite during my stay!

 Happy Leap Year Y'all!


  1. What that is a VERY fancy suite you got to stay in. A great new to you - bottle feeding a calf is fun. (I think anyway).

  2. sounds like fun, I would love to bottle feed a calf

  3. The transition from cowgirl to princess, that's gotta be a new experience.

  4. Cowgirl to Princess, indeed! I was brought up in the country but I have never bottle fed a calf. I bet it's fun.

    Another great round up. Have a good week Melissa

  5. Like Sian, I grew up in farm country, but I've never fed a calf! Fun post today!

  6. What a fun post - bottle feeding a calf must have been interesting!

  7. I remember peering down at the adults praying in a barn when I was six or seven? We used to have Easter services - with vocal prayers and songs at sunrise and when it was cold go into the barn on the farm we visited. Thanks for that memory!

    That is a fancy bedroom suite indeed. It is always fun to meet new people and see their homes/how they live.


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