Thursday, March 24, 2016

Gratitude Journal - February

I've just finished the February pages in my Gratitude Journal, and I am truly enjoying this project!

Once again I used the collage background elements on the first page as the base for my journaling. The two main things I'm grateful for in February were being able to teach so many illustrated Bible journaling workshops and celebrating my parent's 50th anniversary, so I included short notes about those two events. I added the lists I decided to include each month: movies watched, TV shows watched, books read, and type of exercise each day. Then I added in FUN embellishments - washi tape, part of a Supergirl Valentine, stickers, and scattered hearts.

This month's pocket page includes space for six 3x4 elements on each side. I included a few of my favorite photos from the month - Mama & Daddy's anniversary and me teaching a class, along with other photos that probably won't make it onto a scrapbook layout - a tree from our walk in the park, us outside the movie theater, the new binder shelves we built, and a deli-type lunch Robbie put together one weekend. I added several bits of memorabilia as well - ticket stubs, cards from the two scrapbook stores where I'm teaching, and a florist card from one of the bouquets Robbie sent me last month.

The final page is the one I filled out at the end of each day throughout the month. I finished it off with some ribbon, stickers and washi tape.

What were you most grateful for in February?


  1. I think this journal is such a wonderful idea. I am grateful in February for my. mum coming successfully through surgery and for finding a physician who can help me with my migraines.

  2. Just seeing these pages really makes me miss this format. I loved this book!

  3. In February? For finally feeling better and not needing any more antibiotics for sinus problems.

    I bet you know what I'm going to's the memorabilia which makes these pages so special

  4. I always have a lot to be grateful for, but one thing for sure was the much milder weather than we had last February! Love your journal, and find it interesting how very different our gratitude journals are. Mine definitely fits the minimalist category, but regardless, it's the act to taking stock of our blessings that is important.

  5. Oh I want to do me like yours ... It's amazing. Xxx

  6. I am having such a fun time going through your posts! Your gratitude is fun and so fantastic. Oh my. I just love it!


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