Sunday, May 1, 2016

April Round Up - Continuing the Conversation

This month's round-up of comments and replies from my April blog posts begins with a question. When I said Hello to April, Dana commented... I love that you are scheduled and committed to teaching Bible Journaling. I haven't met many local people here who do it, but I was hoping for an opportunity to teach it here. I am not much of a teacher in this area, however. I find that before I can say anything, every adult in the room starts asking me twenty questions, I politely answer, and any hope of managing a sequential "how to" evaporates. I have tried saying "Hold your questions," but I may not be 'firm" enough with my resolve to make them wait! Do you have any tips for me?

I can totally relate to this scenario, and I think Dana is correct in her assessment of possibly not being "firm" enough. It is so important for the teacher/leader to direct the class in a way that allows everyone to benefit. I begin my classes by introducing myself then giving a brief "outline" of the class, which sets the tone and lets students know when there will be an opportunity for questions. I take questions throughout the class if they are relevant to what I'm discussing or demonstrating, but if a question will get the class off course I simply state that I'll be sharing about that later or will follow up during the question section of the class. Since participants are paying for the classes I'm currently teaching, I want to be sure that everyone receives the information, instruction, and inspiration that she's paying to receive. Honestly it's still tough at times to reign in those individuals who want to monopolize the time with their questions, but a little polite firmness will keep things flowing. On the up side, it's a blessing to have enthusiastic students!

After sharing our disappointing visit to Tombstone, Susanne said... I think Robbie's assessment was spot on. We were underwhelmed with Tombstone as well. And Cheri said... Somewhere between the Grand Canyon West and Las Vegas, Jay & I visited a "ghost town" that was equally disappointing in the total lack of anything worth seeing and no place to even get lunch!

When I shared my Sunday Musings on Genesis, Alexa said...Interacting with a meaningful text often helps to make deeper connections with our own lives. I like how your creativity helps the words to resonate more fruitfully for you. Another form of meditation? Yes, I do think taking time to illustrate helps me meditate on the scripture!

I especially enjoyed your comments about the Anne of Green Gables book and movie. Sian said...I loved the books I read when I was young. And I loved the mini series, which J bought me for Christmas not long after we were married. I think it was to make up for the fact he isn't called Gilbert :) Because of course I wanted to marry a Gilbert. Alexa said... Here's another who enjoyed Anne - the fact that it took place thousands of miles away gave it an added exotic flavour. Brought up in a home where there was often gloom and restraint around, it was very inspiring to realise one could choose one 's perspective on life and not simply feel overwhelmed by the atmosphere around you. Missus Wookie said... Favourite parts? Oh that's hard. I think the blossoming friendship between Anne and Diana that develops into that solid almost family - something I thought was amazing as a young child and worked towards as I got older. I was very fond of Gilbert Blythe too :)

I agree with Sarah's assessment of the movie... I LOVE the film adaptation. All of the changes seem in line with the heart of the story, perhaps clarifying some moments since we can't "hear" Anne & Marilla's inner thoughts and because of the condensed time vs. reading. The casting was just perfect. :)  

Mary-Lou had a couple of recommendations... If you liked Anne of Green Gables, I am sure you would enjoy a series that is a spin off of Anne, Road To Avonlea. Have you seen Megan Fellows in the TV drama series, Reign? She plays the French Queen Mother/Regent. 

And I received two recommendations for a vacation that we've added to our list of places to visit! Helen Anne said...Several years ago we visited PEI and went to a tourist place for Avonlea. Saw re-enactments of the slate, Diana being drunk and something else. It was very fun. There was a whole series of events over the day but we left by lunch time. Minetta emailed... Anne of Green Gables is my all time favorite book. I love her imagination. I could still cry reading about Matthew's death. A few years ago Brad and I drove all the way to Prince Edward Island to do the Anne tour. So many Japanese fans come that many of the signs are in English and Japanese. I've read all four volumes of LM Montgomery's journals too. It's sad to think that the author of such uplifting books had so many family and personal problems. I highly recommend the trip to PEI! PS I even got to hold one of the china dogs!

Thanks so much for your lovely comments that continue the conversation!


  1. Although it's been over 40 years since I was there, I remember fondly a trip to PEI the summer before I was married. I know you'd enjoy it.

  2. When my aunt visited Prince Edward Island she brought me back an Anne soap. Of course it was never used, it was only to be looked at and admired!

  3. I like hearing the conversation come round full circle - nice post.

  4. Lovely idea to continue the conversation - very inclusive and brings observations and comments to us we might not otherwise see.

  5. Agreeing with everyone that this is a nice way of continuing the conversation.


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