Friday, May 27, 2016

Not Very Well-Known

I remember hearing Beth Moore tell the story of how she was in an airport once and the barista at the Starbucks counter thought she looked familiar and asked if she was some other famous person (I don't remember who). Beth laughed as her assistant explained that it was the Beth Moore (who writes some of the most popular women's Bible studies around). This story makes me smile because it's nice to know that even Beth Moore isn't recognized everywhere.

Obviously I don't have an international ministry with followers around the world, however I do have a somewhat similar (and extremely funny) story that occurred earlier this year. Sharon from Tabernacle Baptist Church in Ennis, Texas, contacted me about teaching illustrated Bible journaling to the women there. We set a date and made a plan. She sent me a copy of the full color flyer advertising the event, which included a short paragraph about me and my calling to encourage women in their daily walk with the Lord.

I was so excited the morning of the event. As I was introducing myself to the 26 ladies there for the morning session, my cell phone (which I’d laid on the table behind me) rang very loudly. I quickly grabbed it to put it on silent but noticed that it was Sharon calling me . . . from across the hall! She apologized that she’d dialed the wrong number, and everyone laughed out loud when she stuck her head in the meeting room door and apologized!

Unbeknownst to me, Robbie had arranged to have flowers delivered before I started teaching that Saturday morning. He knew this was a special occasion as it was my first opportunity to teach illustrated Bible journaling in a church setting. However, when the florist arrived with my bouquet, Shawntee (the lady in charge of registration) told him there was no one there named Melissa Gross and sent him on his way! Sharon was calling around to correct the situation when she accidentally dialed my number.

The flowers arrived in the middle of the morning session, prompting much more laughter as the story came out . . . and I had to admit that . . .
I’m not very well-known!

Of course, huge thanks go to Sharon & Shawntee . . . because now this is such a FUN story to share when I introduce myself at new churches!


  1. Oh how lovely, and so loving and kind of him. I'm sure this too made you feel more at ease xx

  2. How well known you are is entirely dependent on the circle in which you are traveling. Among your blog tribe you are very well-known and loved! And those are gorgeous sunflowers - Robbie did good!

  3. Robbie is definitely the flower man; such a thoughtful guy!

  4. It's such a cute story. And Cheri is right, you know: you are well known and loved among those of us who make our way here every time we spot a new post


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