Sunday, May 15, 2016

Using the Leftovers

A couple of months ago, I purchased a set of the new Illustrated Faith Books of the Bible tab stickers (this sheet and this sheet). Last week I finally took time to add them to my Bible.

When I finished, I noticed that the leftover sticker sheets looked like little frames where I'd removed the tabs.

I was inspired to use them in my Bible to illustrate the seven days of creation. I lined up seven "frames" and drew and colored a picture for each day.

I really like the way this graphic coordinates with my illustration for Genesis Chapter 1 and reminds me once again of how God created everything!

Have you used any leftovers lately?


  1. You bring a smile to my face with your inspiration and love of bible journaling xx

  2. I recently added tabs to my daily reading Bible; they aren't anywhere near as pretty as yours nor did I have any cool left-overs! You are definitely super-creative!

  3. How clever are you! I love it!! The frames are so cute and perfect for what you used them for.

  4. Well, that was an inspired use of those. I applaud you!


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