Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hello June!

May was filled with scrapbooking, reading, traveling, "working", rearranging, and relaxing! I can't say that I  spent much time thinking about my 2016 goals (MOVE, LEARN, TEACH, SCRAP, CLEAN), however I did pretty well on some of them anyway.

MOVE - I didn't do great on my goal to exercise as I only got in 11 days of either riding the stationary bike, walking, or working out with my personal trainer. There also wasn't much extra activity going on here during the month, unless I count those two days I "worked" at Personal Scrapbook while the owner was away on vacation. It was FUN to "mind the store" for a couple of days, and I had plenty of room to put together the new page kit I created.

I always consider travel an adventure, so I get credit for some this month as I spent several days in the Houston area scrapbooking with my friend LeAnne. I got in a surprise adventure when I discovered that my sister and her family were in nearby Galveston for a day trip. I joined them for a FUN time at the railroad museum and candy store.

I'm not sure how much designated exercise I'll get during the month of June, but I'll definitely have lots of activity and adventure to report at the end of the month as I have two big trips planned - I'll be going west (to California) and east (to New York)!

LEARN - In May I learned about lots of new books by listening to the What Should I Read Next podcast. The biggest "problem" with this podcast is that it has greatly increased the length of my books-I-want-to-read list! I participated in a couple of Teach What You Do webinars and  listened to several Hope Writers and Work by Design Summit interviews.

This month most of my learning will obviously revolve around our travels.

TEACH - I took this month off from teaching, although I have scheduled my next illustrated Bible journaling workshops and events. 

SCRAP - Along with the scrapbook-for-hire projects I completed early in May, I created 23 layouts! I enjoyed scrapping here at home with Mama and Thayer and meeting up with Amy on (inter)National Scrapbook Day, then getting away to crop with LeAnne (and Heather) for several days.

Several of my completed layouts showcase portraits of my nieces from the past year. I was inspired by an older Karen Grunberg layout to create this FUN grid design with coordinating embellishments.

Pun'kin's Natashia's graduation announcement outifts served as INSPIRATION for my color choices on this  next layout.

For this final layout, I scrolled through some old handouts from Nic Howard's Dimensional Details class for INSPIRATION.

With our travel plans, I'm not sure how much scrapbooking I'll accomplish in June. However, I have been working diligently on processing the photos from our Arizona Road Trip and will be sharing those in several blogs posts over the next few weeks.

CLEAN - We made lots of progress on the toy room move, and I've chosen a paint color for the dining room, which I'm hoping to purchase and use before the end of the month as we are expecting house guests in July.

Did you accomplish your goals for May? What are your plans for June?


  1. I am looking forward to a wonderful month of moving and journaling. I had to stop listening to book podcasts and get to my current TBR pile ;)

  2. That Dimensional Details class was a great one. I bet minding the store was so much fun! I think I would have enjoyed that.

    I have managed to use our exercise bike every day by picking one time to do it at and sticking to that, every day

  3. What a productive month you had

  4. Where is New York will you be traveling? Would love to meet up with you!

  5. Have a great June and safe travels.

  6. I'll be looking forward to hearing about your travels. We don't have any travel plans now until August, aside from some possible day trips. As much as I love grids for scrapbook layouts, my favorite here is "Graduate." Love the colors you chose and the long strip of photos.


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