Sunday, June 26, 2016

Upcoming Workshops & Events

As we near the end of June, I am looking forward to teaching new classes on illustrated Bible journaling in the coming months. Right now I'm spending time with the Lord, studying the Word, illustrating new examples, writing devotional materials, and putting together goody bags in preparation for these upcoming classes and events, so I thought today I'd share a little about what, when and where I'll be teaching.

Every time I teach a workshop on illustrated Bible journaling, I include two components: (1) techniques, tips and ideas for illustrating, and (2) devotionals to help participants dive into the Word. Each class combines these two components as we take time to illustrate our faith.

Intro to Bible Journaling Workshops 

In my Intro to Bible Journaling workshops, we discuss the beginnings of Illustrated Faith Bible Journaling, why and how to use a Journaling Bible (or a Worship Journal if preferred), supply tips and tricks, various journaling styles and techniques, and where to find inspiration for illustrated journaling. I share a devotional and we take time to illustrate our faith in the margins of our Bibles.

This class is perfect for anyone new or just getting started with Bible Journaling, as well as those who have taken a technique workshop but missed the Intro class.

We work in a Journaling Bible, but participants are encouraged to bring any Bible and/or a journal to work in. Participants receive an Illustrated Faith You Rule Bible Mat and Journaling Pen, and all additional items needed to create are provided by myself and the store/church where I'm teaching.

My next Intro to Bible Journaling Workshops are scheduled for:

   Saturday, July 9, 2016 (10:00am-12:30pm)
   Scrappin' Goodtime, Corsicana TX
   (Click HERE for all the details.)

   Saturday, July 30, 2016 (10:00am-12:30pm)
   Personal Scrapbook, Allen, TX
   (Click HERE for all the details.)

Demos & Devotionals Bible Journaling "Crop"

The Demos & Devotionals events are similar to a scrapbooking crop, providing time and space for us to take time to simply work on our illustrated Bible journaling pages. I share short devotionals and product/technique demonstrations (including several make-n-takes) throughout the afternoon. Each participant receives new Bible Journaling product and a goody bag with bits & pieces to use on journaling pages. This event is perfect for those who would like to have some extended time to dive into the Word, try new products, practice techniques, and find ideas for journaling entries.

Participants bring their Bible and/or journal, along with their favorite Bible journaling supplies, for this event designed to help us find time and inspiration to dive into the Word and enjoy creatively illustrating in the margins (or across the entire page!) of our Bibles.

My next Demos & Devotionals Bible Journaling "Crops" are scheduled for:

   Saturday, July 9, 2016 (1pm-7pm)
   Scrappin' Goodtime, Corsicana TX
   (Click HERE for all the details.)

   Saturday, July 30, 2016 (1pm-7pm)
   Personal Scrapbook, Allen, TX
   (Click HERE for all the details.)

Bible Journaling Camp for Teens/Tweens

I am excited to be working on something new this summer - my very first Bible Journaling Camp for tweens & teens. In this camp, we'll spend four fun-filled afternoons diving into the Word, learning illustrated Bible journaling techniques, and creating a personalized Praise Book.

Campers will enjoy a variety of creative activities including coloring, drawing, tracing, painting, cutting, stamping, gluing, and punching, and they'll use a variety of fun products like stickers, watercolors, gelatos, stencils, pens, stamps, colored pencils, and washi tape. They will learn about illustrated Bible journaling (what it is, how it all started) and how they can use these techniques in a Journaling Bible or Worship journal. They will also learn where to find inspiration for illustrated journaling.

All the activities are designed to encourage the use of creativity and color to help participants draw closer to the Lord and strengthen their faith through studying and illustrating the Word. Each session will begin with prayer, and I will share examples and hands-on demonstrations along with devotionals and scriptures for each activity. The camp includes four afternoons, experienced & skilled instruction, set of colored pencils, and use of store supplies and tools to complete several craft projects, including a personalized Praise Book. This class is intended for mature tweens/teens ages 10 and up.

My first Bible Journaling Camp for Tweens/Teens is scheduled for:

   Tues-Fri, August  9-12, 2016 (1pm-4pm)
   Personal Scrapbook, Allen, TX
   (Click HERE for all the details.)

Bible Journaling Technique Workshops

I'm currently also preparing to teach customized technique workshops for a church women's group and two private retreats. I'll be sharing a variety of products and techniques along with devotionals I'm writing specifically for each event.

The complete schedule of my upcoming workshops and events can be found HERE. I am truly blessed to be able to share this FUN hobby with others who want to draw closer to the Lord and use their creative skills to dive into His Word!


  1. What a lovely way to be sharing your crafty talents right along side your faith. Saying a little prayer that your classes are full!!

  2. My goodness, Melissa, you are going to be busy! Hoping there is enjoyment and learning for you all ...

  3. What a lovely set of opportunities for you to share your talents and faith - hope that everyone is inspired and has fun. Including you :)


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