Friday, July 1, 2016

Hello July!

June was a month filled with FUN travel . . . and not much effort toward my 2016 goals (MOVE, LEARN, TEACH, SCRAP, CLEAN).

MOVE - I only got in a few workouts last month, however I definitely got in lots of extra walking on our trips. I'll be sharing photos from our California Family Vacation and my New York Trip in upcoming posts.

The temperatures are soaring here in Texas, so my plan for July is to get back into daily rides on the stationary bike and hopefully add in some additional strength training sessions here at home.

LEARN - I learned quite a few interesting tidbits on our travels. For example, on our whale watching boat tour, I learned that the fin back whale is the second largest animal (after the blue whale). The portion of the whale that we saw as it surfaced was only 15% of its entire size!

I also learned that sea lions haul out and rest for long periods of time, usually in groups like the one on the buoy below.

This month I'll be attending an all-day scrapbooking vendor workshop to check out new products and learn new techniques. In addition, I am challenging myself to work through some online Bible journaling classes and tutorials as I want to continue to learn and improve my skills as I share this FUN hobby with others. I'm also hoping to join in a card class or two at our local scrapbook store.
TEACH - I did not teach any classes during June, although I did take time to promote the various illustrated Bible journaling workshops and events that I'll be teaching this month.

SCRAP - As I expected, I did not create any scrapbook layouts in June, however I have been working on processing some of our digital photos. I also worked on the pages in my 2016 Gratitude Journal

For March, I filled in my exercise, TV shows watched and books read, then added stickers and memorabilia to complete the collage page.

I printed some favorite photos from our Arizona road trip and slipped in pieces of hotel memorabilia for the front of the pocket page.

For the back of the page, I chose several photos from other times during the month.

And, finally, I added a few embellishments to finish off the page where I recorded my daily gratitude note.

CLEAN - Other than moving a few boxes to Robbie's new office and finally ordering solar screens (which will be installed next week), we didn't make much progress on our cleaning and redecorating projects.

Did you accomplish your goals for June? What are your plans for July?


  1. It looks like you managed plenty of projects in June. Round here, July isn't a month for goals..we'll be recharging without any firm plans

  2. Travel should always take precedent over goals, in my opinion. July will be busy with lots of family time and family events. Not too worried about whether I get anything major accomplished, but I hope to keep up my weight training which I got back into regularly in June.

  3. would love to go on a boat trip to see whales


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