Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Gratitude Journal - July

I'm excited to have the July pages in my 2016 Gratitude Journal completed!

Now that I have a good system down, these pages came together fairly quickly. I added my lists, journaling, and some bits & pieces of memorabilia to the first page. Since July is my birthday month, I used birthday themed stickers as embellishments.

In the divided page, I included some photos as well as memorabilia.

To complete the calendar page that holds my daily gratitude notes, I simply added more birthday themed stickers and washi tape.

What were you grateful for in July?


  1. I love seeing your pages for this journal come together - and how our styles are/were similar and yet totally unique. Looks like you've been very busy with scrapbooking and Bible journaling this summer! I haven't had an opportunity to do much of anything creative at all.

  2. Every time you post these, I feel guilty that I fell off the gratitude journal wagon this year, and every time I promise myself that next month I'll get back on! Yours is wonderful.

  3. I like how colourful and detailed this is. Your July 26th made me smile - that is something I'm grateful for on a regular basis.


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