Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Playing Presidential

Yesterday was Day 4 in The 20 Project class and Shimelle's challenge was to use some of those "pristine" stamps in our collections. We know the ones, those stamps that are still pristine because we haven't used them yet!

I'd like to say that I, of course, use all the supplies and tools I purchase . . . I'd like to say that, but I can't in all honesty! So, I pulled out a set I purchased at a Stampin' Up meet-up several years ago. As you can see, I hadn't even put the sticker backings on the rubber stamps! (Although I think I used the telephone stamp one time a while back.)

I pulled a 5x7 photo from our recent visit to the George H.W. Bush Presidential Museum and was able to gather my supplies fairly quickly - a background patterned paper with books and some patriotic papers and embellishments.

I used the telephone stamp in the bottom right corner and the "Hello there!" stamp on the label in the top left (it doesn't show up very well in the photo).

I also used another "pristine" stamp in the top right embellishment cluster. It's very subtle - a camera from the Shimelle collection.

D you have any pristine stamps in your collection?


  1. Oh I love that page - you've definitely given it a very presidential feeling. Well done. Hubby and I must put that place on our list to visit.

    And using pristine stamp sets is a goal of mine too lately. In fact I finished up a set of Stampin Up cards using two different sets yesterday. I keep my sets separate in a "new" supplies box until I use them. And no, those were not the last 2 sets in the box, but I am making progress.

  2. Yes I do, although as I'm not much of a stamper mine aren't ones I have bought individually, but ones which have come with monthly kits.

    You certainly have conjured up a wonderful atmosphere on that page

  3. That is a fun page and photo.

    I found a pristine yesterday in my 'in box' that someone had sent me. Otherwise there are some in sets I've not used, but no sets that haven't been used at least once I think. One of the purges I did before moving included going through all stamp sets.

  4. The perfect layout to commemorate your visit to the Presidential library! Love that photo of you and Robbie. I think there are a few "pristine" stamps in my collection, but not too many.


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