Friday, September 9, 2016

Gratitude Journal - August

A few days ago I completed the August pages in my 2016 Gratitude Journal!

For the first page, I added my lists and journaling, then used some hearts from a cut-apart paper and a sheet of sunflower & seeds stickers as embellishments.

I included a photo I took on the first of the month as I'm documenting my not-so-successful attempt to lose weight and make healthier choices this year. Then I have a couple of photos and pieces of memorabilia from my trip to southeast Texas. The bottom left slot holds the envelope that held a $25 gift card that I won from the library for attending various events this summer!

The top row on the back of the pocket page holds photos reflecting my Bible journaling, preparations and teaching during August. The bottom row has photos of my new craft room and a paint chip with that lovely Forsythia Blossom color that now adorns the walls!

And finally I added matching embellishments to the calendar page where I recorded something I was grateful for each day of the month.

I know I say it every month, but I really am pleased with how this project is turning out! What were you grateful for in August?


  1. Lovely! In August I was very grateful that we were able to go away together as a family and that our children are still willing to spend time with us

  2. Your gratitude journal is another great way to incorporate project life. I like that it has a bit more depth than the regular PL format. I love the sunflower seeds scattered around!

  3. Love the photo of your Bible journaling; such soft, lovely colors. I like the idea of the calendar; I need a new way to do my gratitude journal next year. I had lots to be grateful for in August. Most especially, a week of vacation with my son and his family.

  4. I always enjoy your bright and positive attitude, and it shines through in your journal - lots of visual variety and activity ... Me? I'm grateful to be able to get back to swimming again as part of my shoulder rehabilitation :).

  5. What a worthwhile project and love the way you have this gratitude journal set up. I was so grateful in August for my daughter wanting to learn how to can and preserve food for her family, so we canned and canned some more! LOL

  6. Love the sunflowers on these pages!


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