Thursday, September 8, 2016

Hello September!

Can y'all believe we're already a week into September! I started the month out with a meet-up with Cheri and her mother and daughter. We had a great visit over lunch and a stroll through the Frisco Mercantile. Its always so much FUN to get together with friends!

Robbie and I left the next day for a long weekend trip that included flying to Ohio, driving through Pennsylvania, spending a couple of days in Buffalo, New York, visiting Niagara Falls, riding the Whirlpool Aero Car, and celebrating Robbie's brother's birthday.

This month is flying by already, so here's an update on my 2016 goals (MOVE, LEARN, TEACH, SCRAP, CLEAN).

MOVE - I did better on my exercise in August than I have the previous few months. I got in a workout more than half the days throughout the month, had a great check-up at my annual physical, and got in some additional activity painting my new craft room (photo below). My adventure for the month was a quick overnight trip to Southeast Texas to see three of my nieces perform in the local production of Mary Poppins.

I'm having a slow start to my exercise this month since we were out of town, but I'll be getting in lots of activity as I move my furniture and supplies into the new craft room!

LEARN - Despite the fact that I didn't keep up with the prompts each day, I enjoyed The 20 Project class and will be continuing to work through the remaining INSPIRATION at my own pace this month.

TEACH - I taught two sessions of Illustrated Bible Journaling at First Baptist Church in Blooming Grove, Texas, one Saturday last month. It was a FUN day, filled with lots of laughter, good food and tons of creativity.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day and the welcoming friendly group of ladies who joined me!

This month I'll be teaching two card classes and an Intro to Bible Journaling workshop. (Check out all the details on my Upcoming Classes Page.) Here's a look at the cards I created for the card classes.

SCRAP- I created 17 layouts in August: ten traditional 12x12 layouts, six pocket page layouts, and one digital layout (below).

CLEAN - We moved the last few items out of the old toy room and spent a couple of days painting the walls Forsythia Blossom, so this month I'll be setting up  my new craft room in this happy space!

Did you accomplish your goals for August? What are your plans for September?


  1. Such a great variety of fun things in there: that's a month well lived!

    I have just finished a sweater and so I have printed out some patterns to help me plan my next project. Knitting is easier to pick up and put down than scrapbooking at the minute. I'll have a quieter house soon and then I can get back to scrapbooking.

  2. That's one bright craft room! I'm wondering if it influences colors at all.

  3. I think you have accomplished quite a lot. Starting with a clean slate in your new craft room is so appealing to me. Mine needs painting in the worst way, but it would be impossible to do it! My room is wall to wall inspiration besides ALL of my supplies. I've always said that when it comes time to move, I'll need a week for just this one room!

  4. A very cheerful crafting spot - oh what fun to have a space all to your crafting. You certainly made wonderful use of the time in August. I can say I had a great August & got most of what I wanted accomplished - September is shaping up well :)

  5. What a lot you have packed in, Melissa, and so nice to see you with Cheri and Sarah :). Well done on the exercise progress goals - I often think tey're the hardest to hit. Loads of lovely sunshine in your craft room already - looking forward to seeing your moving in.

  6. Looks like you did up August right! And you are going digital?? What will September bring?


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