Friday, September 16, 2016

New Craft Room - Project Shelf

The first piece of furniture I moved into my  new craft room was a three-shelf unit that wouldn't fit in Robbie's new collectible toy room. I knew I wanted a place to put current "work" projects, and these shelves fit the bill perfectly!

The top shelf holds a container for each of my upcoming card classes; each container works to hold the supplies, directions and kits I'll need to teach the class.

I used similar containers on the second shelf to hold photos, memorabilia and supplies for each of the three custom scrapbook-for-hire projects I'll be working on in the coming weeks.

The bottom shelf houses the supplies for my illustrated Bible journaling workshops. The large container holds small buckets and supplies (colored pencils, pens, water brushes, watercolors, etc) that I set out for students to use during my classes, along with the "placemats" (large sheets of construction paper), printer paper (for covering adjacent Bible pages) and paper towels they will need. The smaller container holds goody bags and items to fill them as well as door prizes that I've collected or had donated. That bucket on the right currently holds candy that I include in the goody bags. :)

Obviously the items on this shelf unit will rotate in and out often as I complete classes and plan/prepare new ones. I'll also be completing custom scrapbooks and (hopefully) beginning new ones on occasion. I use the Bible journaling supplies often and restock as needed.

I'm so excited to have this designated place to keep track of current "work" projects (which I really enjoy too much to consider "work"). Do you have a designated place for these types of projects - classes, design team assignments, etc?


  1. Great post, Melissa! You are beautifully organized! I'm in major overhaul mode right now and plan to use your system for my projects as well! Thanks for the inspiration!��xoxoxo

  2. I'm beyond impressed that you've taken on all these projects! I do have a place for current projects, but it's usually only one or two at a time.

  3. Your look so very organised! And the yellow of your room is so very cheerful. I have a basket for current projects but I don't like to have more than two on the go at any one time.

  4. I'm admiring your organisation, your new "spot" and those excellently sized containers. I have never seen anything quite like those here

  5. So neat & tidy. I like those clear containers which keeps each project's stuff contained but visible.


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