Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November Round Up - Continuing the Conversation

I laughed out loud when I read Mary-Lou's comment on my last round up post. She said...Just an update about me knowing no one that scrap books. I am now seasonally adding DD or December Daily to my conversations - I get blank stares. So maybe the rumour about Americans wanting to move to Canada if the upcoming election does not go well could benefit me with the potential of some new neighbours that DO scrapbook! I am just saying a silver lining to every cloud ... That's definitely what I call looking for the positive in any situation!

Also, in my last round up post, I mentioned that Ruth had commented that she was inspired to redesign/overhaul her craft room? Well, she did it - check out her BEFORE and AFTER posts!

When I said hello to November and mentioned our upcoming vacation, Karen said...It sounds like you need a little break, and a vacation is also in order! I'll be anxious to hear where you and Robbie are off to this time! We took an 8-day road trip here in Texas! If you missed it, you can check out my favorite photos from the trip HERE. After seeing those photos, Marsha asked...great photos...I love the little shorebird in the middle collage(maybe a sandpiper??) Uhmm . . . yes, maybe, I think so. Here are a couple of other shots - any birders out there who can give us a definite answer?

And I learned something new from Betty's comment...I truly enjoy what we call 'tiki tours' within driving distance for the day. You found some fabulous sights to share with us.What a FUN new term! I'm hoping we'll have time for quite a few tiki tours next year!

When I shared snaps of Paragraphs Bookstore, Mary-Lou spotted lots of items in the sandcastle structure. She said...I see Wizard of Oz's dead witch under the house, Cinderella's pumpkin carriage, the cat from Alice in Wonderland, Johan's whale, Privet Drive (HP); Winnie's Hunny Pot; my personal favourite, Rapunzel in the tower. And Karen asked....What books did you purchase? We bought seven books, but I actually only picked out one - A Gentleman in Moscow, which I really enjoyed and will be reviewing soon. I also read one of the ones Robbie picked out - Lois Lane Fallout, a great Young Adult book, the first in a series, that I'll also be reviewing soon.

Thanks, everyone, for continuing the conversation!


  1. I always love these posts! So interesting and really contributes to a sense of community.


Thanks so much for your comment - it's like a ray of sunshine in my day!