Tuesday, November 1, 2016

October Round Up - Continuing the Conversation

I didn't have many posts last month, however there was still some great comments that helped to continue the conversation here at Daily Life - Bits & Pieces. After reading my last round up post, Ruth said...Goodness, that's quite a lot of work right there in that post! I do love to see how a project is progressing. As for me, inspired by you, my craft room redesign/overhaul begins next month! How's it going Ruth? Please share an update in the comments! I still have a few things to do in my craft room, but I'm enjoying it every day. Here's how it looks right now.

Cheri said...I love the use of those printer's trays! After seeing that post originally, I wanted to copycat. I have a half dozen printer's trays to choose from - my only problem? Almost all of my wood stamps are too big to fit into any of the boxes in any of the printer's trays I have! (Is that an excuse to go buy more wood stamps???) Uhm, yes I (of course) think that's a valid excuse!

When I said Hello to October, Sian said...I'm willing to bet that you are a wonderfully inspiring teacher who carries everyone in the class along with her enthusiasm. I'd sign up! Thank you, Sian! Oh, wouldn't it be wonderful if we all lived close enough to crop and journal and take classes together!! I'm so glad we have the blogosphere to keep us all connected.

Missus Wookie's comment about my Drawing vs Coloring Bible Journaling is one of the reasons I enjoy sharing INSPIRATION. She said...Thanks for sharing - especially the specific details of how you do this. Very helpful. I've just found some tracing paper in the office boxes I was sorting and kept it - thinking of you. I've started doing more colouring/drawing in my bible study journal inspired by you as well. As I am so often inspired by the blogs I read, it makes me so happy when something I've shared has been inspirational as well!

And then I laughed out loud at Susanne's comment on that same post as she admitted...Oh I like the idea of this, but I skipped quickly past the snake page!!

I also laughed at Mary Lou's comment about the Collins Group Event. She said...Oh that does look like such a fun evening & I too like that 3d gingerbread house. I have not attended anything like this, I do not know anyone personally that scrapbooks, stamps & makes cards. If I mention scrappy people think I am referring to a girl on girl fight!!! I really do need to get out more ... I've now also learned a new use for the word scrappy.

Thanks to everyone who stops by and continues the conversation each month!


  1. Work starts next week! Look for a 'before' post tomorrow ...

  2. I would love to live close by! I think we'd have a lot of fun.

  3. Just an update about me knowing no one that scrap books. I am now seasonally adding DD or December Daily to my conversations - I get blank stares. So maybe the rumour about Americans wanting to move to Canada if the upcoming election does not go well could benefit me with the potential of some new neighbours that DO scrapbook! I am just saying a silver lining to every cloud ...


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