Saturday, December 10, 2016

FIT 2016 Wrap-Up

After enrolling in Cathy Zielske's FIT 2016 class and utilizing the class materials the first few months, I have not been an active participate in the class. However, over the past week, I've taken time to go back through and listen to each month's message and download the digital elements that I might want to use for future projects.

As I worked through these materials, I made note of some of the basic ideas that Cathy shared repeatedly during the year:
*We must show up every day and do what needs to be done . . . and start over when we need to!
*This is a process that requires clarity, focus and accountability. We must be accountable for our own actions. 
*It all starts with attitude, which can help or hinder our progress toward a healthy lifestyle.
*Strive to do better (not be perfect) and be mindful of healthy living as a whole (not just bits & pieces).
*Our "weight has nothing to do with our value on this planet."

Cathy struggled this year, too, and I especially like the fact that she is so honest about where she's at in this whole healthy living journey. She also shares funny and goofy photos of herself, occasionally breaks out in song, and admits that offering this class gives her focus and accountability (along with help paying the bills). It's good to know that we're not alone in this struggle, right?

As always, Cathy provided a tremendous number of digital elements for tracking progress and creating an album along the way. (All the graphics in this post came from the class materials!)

The class also included a private Facebook group where the 700+ members could share their progress, inspiration, tips and motivation along the way. I participated minimally in the group, however each time I jumped in and scrolled through the posts, I felt inspired to continue with this journey.

Each month's message ended with a question. The final question this month is: What have you learned this year about yourself and the process? 

Despite my claim back in January that I know I can make the necessary changes to lose weight and get healthier this year, I am ending the year at the same weight and fitness level that I began it. I'm a little bummed by that, not because it's the same, but because I didn't make and maintain the necessary changes to improve my health throughout the year.

I know that I can do this! Remember 2014, my FUN year . . . I lost weight, increased my energy level, hiked to the top of a mountain, and made lots of positive changes. I believe my success was due to several things: (1) My focus was on FUN - having FUN while getting healthy, so that I could have more FUN; (2) I tracked my eating for long stretches throughout the year; (3) I worked out consistently and met with a trainer regularly the first half of the year; and (4) Robbie was working with me on these healthy living goals.

I'll be putting these things in place again in 2017 . . . and I'm choosing a word for the year that I think will help make it a great year! I'll be sharing more as we head into the new year.

Did you make progress on your healthy living goals this year?


  1. Cathy Z is quite a fun & motivating coach. Good luck with your goal in 2017. I am currently trying to find a word for 2017, I was wordless for 2016.

    Not sure 2016 is finishing where I thought it would, but being that I am upright, it's all good & means I can try again.

  2. I actually did pretty good for the first 6 months of the year in the weight loss department, but then rested on my laurels in the 2nd half just maintaining the new status quo. I figured if I do the same in 2017 I will have achieved my goal, even though it took 2 years instead of 1. Looking forward to a new year - with a little more fit and a lot more FUN!

  3. It's been the usual roller coaster here--with weight loss and exercise. I go in cycles. One thing I learned for sure this year is that year-long classes like Fit and One Little Word don't work for me. I lost interest in both pretty quickly, although I did stick with my word all year, and can say it was worthwhile. I've got this year's ready to go. It came to me rather suddenly, and has been reaffirmed multiple times since I thought of it.

  4. My "FIT" experience this year was fantastic on the physical activity side, but absolutely miserable on the weight side. Despite drastically increased physical activity, I gained about 8 pounds. And no, it wasn't muscle. I've been in Cathy's FIT class for years now and I think for next year I want to try a totally different approach, so I'm going to skip a year and see how if something different works for me. Glad you took the time to download the materials though! :)


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