Saturday, December 31, 2016

Goodbye 2016!

As I look back on 2016 and the goals I set in January (MOVE, LEARN, TEACH, SCRAP, CLEAN), I feel really good about the year overall.

MOVE - Although I did not keep up with regular exercise throughout the year, I did often add in bits of adventure and activity. This week I've made an effort to get on track and have exercised every day. I'm looking forward to new year and a new start!

LEARN - I completed and reviewed the FIT 2016 class materials this month. I also attended the DIY Santa's Workshop class at our local library, where I created five Christmas crafts (but forgot to take photographs before we packed up the decorations earlier today). 

My goal for the year was to participate in more online classes, take a few in-person classes, and (as always) read lots of books in my quest to learn new things this year. Overall for the year, I don't think that I accomplished much toward this goal simply because I didn't do more than I have in past years and because I spent more time on other goals.

TEACH - Although I've chosen to take a break from teaching, I'm very happy with my accomplishments relating to this goal! Throughout the year, I taught over 30 classes, had lots of FUN, and met many wonderfully creative women.

SCRAP- I completed the second of the custom wedding scrapbook-for-hire projects this month. The 46-page album took a good bit of time to complete, but it was an enjoyable project. I'll be sharing a video of the album soon, but here's a peek at some of the pages.

I actually scrapped a lot this year, however, the 5 scrapbook-for-hire projects account for much of it. I'm looking forward to spending the beginning of 2017 catching up on my own projects - processing photos and working through my digital workflow plan, scrapping photos and stories for our chronological albums, and creating a few photo books.

CLEAN - I'm thrilled with the progress we made here at home, although I do still have lots of areas that need a deep cleaning and decluttering. I love my new craft room, and we are both enjoying the new recliners for reading in the front room. Robbie's still working on getting everything back on display in the new toy room, and the office needs a little cleaning out, but the rearranging of rooms this year has definitely been worth the work so far!

I've chosen a word to focus on in 2017, which I'll be sharing in the new year! Did you accomplish your goals for 2016? What are your plans for 2017?


  1. I am always impressed by your energy and enthusiasm; and even your non-teaching contained lots of teaching :). Looking forward to seeing your word for 2017 - I know you'll really explore it in the months ahead.

  2. I'll be blogging about my 2016 OLW and intentions in the near future. I'm always impressed with your accomplishments and enthusiasm. I'm starting to catch up on your blog, so perhaps I'll see your OLW in the next few minutes!


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