Monday, January 30, 2017

Monday's Mail Memo - Books, Books & More Books

Last weekend, we stopped in at our local library and discovered there was a book sale - a roomful of books that were being taken out of circulation, most for only 5 cents. I picked up one, along with the two books I checked out. Robbie brought home 12 books and added them to his pile on the dresser. Since we both already have a stack of books on our nightstands, we laughed and agreed that we didn't need any more books for a while.


And then the mail came . . .

On Wednesday, Robbie received a package from Amazon. We both laughed when he opened it to discover a book that he had pre-ordered a while back! Once again, we agreed we didn't need any new books for a while.

On Thursday, this little pile was delivered!

The top package contained yet another book that Robbie had pre-ordered, the next in a series he enjoys.


That box in the middle with the black washi tape around it is my February book swap package from my sister. (I'll share more about that one in a future post.) The final box housed a new Bible from B&H Publishers (which I received free in exchange for an honest review - coming soon).


On Friday . . . yep, you guessed it . . . another box arrived! This one contained a book from Booklook Bloggers (which I also received free in exchange for an honest review - coming soon).

Needless to say, there are two very happy readers here this week! We're slowly but surely working our way through those piles of great books. But, really, we don't need any more for awhile!!

Waving to all the Mondayers joining in with Sian this year as we share a favorite piece (or two or three) of mail from the previous week.


  1. Oh My! Having a "to read" pile that large would just stress me out!

  2. I'm sure if I piled up all the unread books in this house, it would be terrifying. Worse yet, I continue to buy a few, and check out many from the library so I truly relate to this post! I won't live long enough to read all the books I'd like to, and every week I add one or two or three more to the list!

  3. A wonderful way to start & end a week, reading. I haven't bought any books in years, I sometimes miss that feeling of being the first to open a freshly bound book.

    Happy Week.

  4. that's my kind of post, you can never have too many books

  5. What Jane said!! That's absolutely my kind of post (though you knew that already..) and I'm at the opposite end of the scale to Cheri: having a pile of unread books fills me with happy anticipation.


  6. My goodness, what a totally splendid haul! There's enough there to keep you busy for a couple of months :).

  7. I chuckled because this very same thing happens at our house. We get on book buying jags and simply cannot help ourselves.

  8. Okay that previous comment was me. Not yet adapted to commenting from my tablet.


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