Monday, March 20, 2017

Monday's Mail Memo - March Book Swap

This is the third month in the book swap my sister Brenda and I are doing this year, and it makes me so happy!

March Book from Brenda - Silence Broken

The package I received from Brenda included a new book, an inspirational bookmark, and a little note, along with the return of the February book I'd sent her.
I did not know what to expect when I started reading Silence Broken by Yvonne Fedderson and Sara O'Meara. I had not heard of the book or the organization that the authors founded (Childhelp USA) before, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading how these two actresses have spent the past 50+ years helping orphans and abused children, first overseas and then here in the US. The book shares their stories as well as letters and recollections from children they've helped, caregivers at the facilities they built, and volunteers who've served over the years. This is a very inspiring read that I highly recommend!

March Book to Brenda - Normal is Just a Setting on Your Dryer

I actually mailed Brenda's March book back in January when my original package had not been delivered after a couple of weeks. However, the first package did eventually arrive, so I asked Brenda to save the second package for March. I had included a book, a note, and a FUN matching bookmark that I created using Photoshop Elements and a photo of the dial on my dryer.

I had even wrapped it all up, and Brenda didn't peek until we were ready for the March books! :)

Patsy Clairmont wrote this book in 1993 when she was 47-years-old. I heard Patsy speak at a Women of Faith event in the late 1990s - she is a wonderful speaker, funny and easy to relate to! Of course, the book title, Normal is Just a Setting on Your Dryer, is so FUN, too! This really isn't a book about how to be normal. Patsy wrote that she hasn't figured that out yet anyway. Rather, it's an encouragement to be the best "us" we can be! She shares funny stories that include a life lesson in short, easy-to-read chapters. (Patsy is still sharing funny stories as she travels and speaks to groups around the country!)

As I was re-reading this book before sending it on to Brenda, I laughed out loud when Patsy shared an experience she had while riding a bicycle. She was going down a hill, a little too fast, and lost control . . . causing her to flip over the handlebars. This really isn't funny, except for the fact that I was going to send this to  my sister . . .  who did exactly the same thing when we were in elementary school!

My favorite chapter is entitled "Fired Up" and relates the story of Elijah and the prophets of Baal. You can definitely get a feel for Patsy's FUN writing style in these two excerpts from that chapter (and the story of Elijah found in I Kings 18).

The Baal and Asherah prophets pranced around the alter (similar to ring-around-the-rosy), trying to ignite a spark of enthusiasm from their gods. When they began to grow weary, Plucky Prophet Elijah taunted them: "I think your gods are out to lunch, nah, nah, nah, nah" (loose translation - very loose).

Here was a wayward man, battling self-pity and anguish, headed in the wrong direction, and the Lord sent him company and provision. An angel woke him and offered him a cake. (Wow! Angel food cake, one of my favorites.) Elijah, a man after my own weakness, ate and fell back asleep.

And, yes, my creative friends, Patsy does include a chapter about crafting and the various projects she's been interested in over the years. She concludes by saying, "I seem to be more into ownership than completion." Obviously, this is a book I recommend!

Of course, I'm looking forward to receiving my April book swap package from Brenda in a couple of weeks as I wave to all the Mondayers joining in with Sian this year as we share memos and mail on Monday!


  1. It's a lot of fun joining you on your book swapping journey. Thank you for letting us share.

  2. This is such a cool idea you & your sister have sharing/swapping books. Happy week ahead.

  3. What a great idea, and I love the title of the second book. It really made me smile! And you made a great job of that bookmark ...


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