Thursday, March 16, 2017

One Little Word - March

As I began work on the March prompt in the One Little Word class, I took a look back at how ACTIVE I was in February.

My ACTIVE February

I did ok in my goal to be physically ACTIVE, exercising at least 30 minutes 17 days and adding in 200 crunches 10 days. The addition of the crunches was the practice item I chose for February's OLW prompt, however I realized about halfway through the month that this felt like a chore rather than a positive addition to my exercise routine. I took it off my to-do list for the last half of the month. Here's a look at the completed page in my OLW binder.

I had a great month with my goals to be spiritually ACTIVE: I enjoyed Quiet Time and devotional reading 26 days, completed 4 illustrated Bible journal pages, wrote a new devotional for an upcoming intro workshop, and attended the Fresh Grounded Faith event. The month included some Healthy Living ACTIVITY as I tracked my water intake (with the goal of drinking 8 cups a day) and participated in the 4 Steps To Life Without the Scale video masterclass in the My Embraced Life Facebook group.

My month included ACTIVE Learning - I completed the class materials in the One Little Word workshop, read and listened to weekly materials, interacted in the Facebook group, and participated in the live Q&A sessions for the Chosen Journey (I was a "guest expert" one week!), and read 3 books and attended the library book club discussion.

Creativively I had a very ACTIVE month as I taught a DIY cardmaking class at the library, created 6 layouts, 5 cards and 3 gift tags, along with 5 additional cards for the Christmas Card Throwdown Challenge 03 and 9 layouts for a custom scrapbook-for-hire project. I also created a promo video for an upcoming event (& a bloopers video!) and processed digital photos from January 2017. I published 16 blog posts, along with 2 posts on the Personal Scrapbook blog and one on the Scrappin' Goodtime blog. And I participated weekly in Monday's Mail Memo and What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday and the monthly 5 in 5 Photography Meme.

Other ACTIVITY in February included cleaning out last year's files, shredding or archiving papers, and beginning to declutter/organize the office. I enjoyed several outings and get-togethers with friends and family, including celebrating my parent's 51st wedding anniversary. Plus I finalized my plans for the April Illustrated Faith retreat I'm attending and signed up to attend the Breathe Retreat with my sister in September.

March One Little Word - Vision Board

The March OLW prompt was to create a vision board. This year I decided to create a 12x12 board and spent time flipping through catalogs and brochures for photos and words. I actually ended up with two boards.

I had clipped a photo with a woman looking away from the camera toward mountains to represent travel, then I found several other photos of women being ACTIVE looking away from the camera. This led to a search for more similar photos (most of which came from Title Nine catalogs), resulting in this FUN board. (There's only one woman looking out - do you see her there?)

I added words to create a "sentence" and really love the way this vision board turned out! It makes me want to get out and be ACTIVE!

I had several other items I'd clipped still on the table, so I started organizing them and realized I had quite a few with a travel theme. So, I created an ACTIVE travel vision board as well!

I've always enjoyed creating vision boards, but I have to admit that these two were especially FUN! I'm going to hang them in my craft room as INSPIRATION to be ACTIVE!


  1. Your visions boards have lots of activity & yes I saw the one lady looking out. Hoping all that activity of adventures & travels are part of your plans for the rest of the year.

  2. I'm just exhausted reading your accomplishments from February. I think I'm pretty active until I read these summary blog posts! Way to go!!!

  3. You are so inspirational in your dedication to making your word visible in your life! I haven't got round to the vision boards yet - I always find these difficult. But I really like yours, especially your active women (and the one with the camera!).


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