Monday, April 17, 2017

Monday's Mail Memo - Magazines, Catalogs & Happy Mail

There wasn't much in the mail last week, however we've picked up quite a few magazines over the past couple of weeks. I snapped a photo of them earlier today - as you can see, along with living a happy, beautiful, simple life, we're getting ready for a kitchen remodel and dreaming of our next road trip!

Today's mail arrived with an array of catalogs. I'm not in the market to purchase anything, but these definitely have potential as crafting materials.

And there was some genuine Happy Mail!

That envelope with the wonderful lettering came from my new friend Jana of Sweet to the Soul Ministries.  I met Jana at the Illustrated Faith retreat and she sent me one of her Bible studies and the companion Bible journaling kit, which I'll share more about as I work through it! The 7 Steps postcards tied with ribbon came from Shanna Noel of Illustrated Faith - she sent those for me to share with participants at the mini-retreat I'll be leading this Saturday.

It was definitely a good mail day around here to start the week! Waving hello to all the Mondayers joining in with Sian this year as we share memos and mail on Monday!


  1. What a bright display of future plans! You are going to be busy ... And how nice to receive something which is going to be helpful to you in your ministry work. Hoping the rest of the week is as cheerful as this start to it is :).

  2. A kitchen remodel is a big project, but one that was worth every minute and dollar spent here! I got the same three catalogs you did -- all on the same day. Not only was the happy mail welcomed, it looks like you'll be using it for some time ahead!

  3. How lovely to be planning ahead with the excitement of a new kitchen to look forward to. You have reminded me how intrigued I was, the first time I visited the US, by magazines which arrived by mail order subscription. At the time, in the early 80's, we didn't have that, though we do now.

    Have a great week!

  4. Sounds like some wonderful spring/summer plans - I am sure there are some that would advise that the road trip happen while "others" look after the kitchen remodel (lol). A fun time.

  5. what a lovely set of mail. I didn't know Coldwater Creek was still going, it was closing down the last time I was in the states.

    The bible study looks interesting, I'm about to start my on line course and am looking forward to sharing ideas with my students.


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