Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Monday's Mail Memo (on Tuesday)

Wow, Monday slipped by quickly this week . . . and most of Tuesday, too. Last week was a very productive week, but, first, the mail.

Robbie received a FUN box one day.

The Legion of Collectors is similar to a scrapbooking kit club, except this one is for comic/toy/trading card collectors.

The theme this month was Wonder Woman, so the box was filled with an array of Wonder Woman collectibles.

Once again, my happy mail consisted of new books!

I also had a special delivery from Robbie mid-week . . .

. . . because it's good to have a little chocolate on hand when I'm finishing up a big project, like this two-volume scrapbook-for-hire job that I delivered to a happy client on Friday!

I spent Saturday sharing lessons from the Book of Esther and teaching new illustrated Bible journaling techniques to this group of beautiful ladies.

Robbie and I also found time to visit our local outdoor flea market over the weekend. I snapped a few photos of projects we'd like to try.

Waving hello (a little late this week) to all the Mondayers joining in with Sian this year as we share memos and mail on Monday!


  1. I like Robbie's collectibles he got in the mail. That looks like a really fun club! Congrats on finishing the scrapbook!

  2. You finished the scrapbooking project! Wow, that was a big job and I'm sure you're proud and a little relieved to have it safely delivered. I bet there were shrieks of delight..

    Robbie's box looks very exciting. It's so nicely packaged and that makes even more of a treat I always think.

    Have a fun week!

  3. Yeah to completed scrapping for hire - very full albums & I like your title plates on both albums. I am sure these will lead to more "hires". Robbie's little package of delight is perfect timing, isn't the new Wonder Woman movie due out in movie theatres?

    Happy rest of the week ahead ...

  4. What an accomplishment! I'm sure the recipient was absolutely delighted. I know a little boy who would be very interested in the contents of Robbie's box.


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