Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Let's Paint - Gelli Plate Techniques

My first attempts at using a gelli plate were, uhmm, less than successful. However, I continued to practice (and then teach) this technique and really like the results. The basic idea is to apply paint to a gelli plate, then use a variety of tools to add designs and textures before adding the paint to a page.

I used this technique to create backgrounds for several pages in my worship journal.

I taught this technique at a workshop earlier this summer. Here's a look at some of the designs created by participants in that workshop.


  1. I have a Gelli plate that I've only used once or twice. Like you I wasn't particularly fond of the final product. I just love your first page! Maybe I'll get it out again.

  2. I like the cool blues & greens in the first photo. So glad to see a post from you today, I was wondering how "Harvey" is affecting you, if at all. Never heard of Gelli Plate Techniques but it does look like fun.

  3. I just love your artwork. You have certainly perfected many different techniques. I need to use ink and paint more!


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