Thursday, August 17, 2017

Scrapbooking 2016

Do you ever just need a day off - a day to spend in your craft room, scrapbooking memories, gluing pretty pieces of paper together, listening to country music, and ignoring your to-do list? Yesterday was that kind of day for me. . . and it was very productive! 

I scrapped quite a few pages last year with memories from the year, so now I'm working back through those 2016 chronological albums, filling in missing photos and stories (excluding our vacations, which I'll start on once I finish these album reviews.) Here's a look at the pages that complete the first half of 2016.

Have you taken a day off to scrapbook lately?


  1. No, but I really need to do that! If I was half as productive as you I'd be delighted. Love the Galveston layout, and immediately starting singing that old Glen Campbell song when I saw it!

  2. Hahaha - pretty much ditto what Karen said! Oh and I love the "masterpiece" layout with the enlarged background photo! You were really busy and created a lot of gorgeous layouts!

  3. I see a lot of active scrapping being done. Nice to take a day to recharge & create. I had planned to take a day to scrap, but life had other plans for me that day.


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