Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Bible Journaling - Inserts & Tip-Ins

While I enjoying illustrating and coloring and painting and journaling FRESH insights and prayers in the Word, not everyone feels comfortable writing or drawing in their Bible. Yet, the idea of using their creativity while diving into the Word and drawing closer to the Lord appeals to them. One solution to this dilemma is to use inserts and tip-ins as a space to be creative within the Word.

I'm not sure if there are special or separate definitions for these items, but I classify them by where/how they are added in to the Bible. For me, an insert is the addition of a page (or partial page or tag or card) that is adhered in between two pages. My favorite insert is an old hymnal page. I illustrated the page below using stencils, colored pencils, gelatos and Micron pens, then inserted it with a strip of washi tape.

I recently added another hymnal page insert to my journaling Bible. Beside the story of Christ's birth, I added a hymn about Jesus and included some of the words to the song Mary Did You Know with letter stickers.

Vellum works well for creating insert pages as well. (I shared a vellum page insert previously in this post.) At the Illustrated Faith Retreat I attended earlier this year, one of the very talented ladies (Emily) in attendance was inspired by the cows and painted a wonderful canvas for Shanna Noel. She gave Shanna permission to share a digital copy of the painting with those of us at the retreat, so I printed it out on a sheet of vellum and added the retreat scripture and a short prayer using Micron pens.

I consider a tip-in something that is added to the edge of a Bible page. During that same retreat, several of the ladies gifted each participant with a handmade tag. I've added some of these to my Bible. This lovely washi tape tag created by my new friend Karen is adhered to the top of the Bible page above the Psalm 27 scripture that was the focus of the retreat.

My new friend Tiffani created this next tag - isn't it just so FUN!

After coloring in the stamped image, I adhered this tag near the edge of a Bible page using washi tape.

Here's a look at the back of the tag, when it's tipped-out. I painted over the back to match the gold paperclip and provide a place for my prayer and the words to one of the hymns we sang that weekend. (Tiffani was the worship leader!)

I used 3x4 Project Life cards to create simple tip-ins for each of the ladies. I adhered mine to the edge of the page.

I didn't add anything to the back of this colorful card.

I've had several participants in my Bible journaling classes who are much more comfortable using inserts and tip-ins than writing or drawing in the Word. And I'm thrilled that there are so many options for using our creativity in the Word, because it's not about the art - it's about spending time with the Lord in the Word, learning and studying and drawing closer to Him! There's not a right or a wrong way in this meaningful hobby, so we can each find a way that we are comfortable illustrating and journaling in our Bibles.

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