Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Hide His Word In My Heart

I don't have the books of the Old Testament memorized - there I've said it! I can easily list off the books of the New Testament (mostly because of a little song I was taught years ago), but somehow I never learned the books of (or a song for) the Old Testament.

Actually, I know them all in order until I get to the minor prophets. Those guys are always getting mixed up in my head!

A few years ago, when I began doing some journaling and illustrating in my Worship Journal, I used one of the pages to "test" myself. I wrote out the books of the Old Testament several times, marking the ones I had wrong and trying again. For almost two years, I had that page in my journal when I would flip through and show examples of other illustrations during my classes and workshops. When I came to that page, I would often comment, "someday I'm going to paint over this & do an illustration on this page."

Finally, I did just that. I took some acrylic paint and covered the page, then added letter stickers, punched hearts, and an arrow die-cut, plus some flowers from a napkin to complete the page.

You can still see my lists of the Old Testament books through the paint...and I think that goes perfectly with the scripture I've included from Psalm 119.

Do you have all the books of the Bible memorized?


  1. I love that page---so bright and cheery! Perfect for the sentiment you are conveying!

  2. A great idea! No, I do not. I purchased a set of tabs for my most used Bible, so I can quickly find whatever book I need. Taking the course on the Old Testament gave me a much better sense of where I need to look, but I don't have any intention of trying to memorize them.


Thanks so much for your comment - it's like a ray of sunshine in my day!