Saturday, January 6, 2018

Clinton Presidential Library

On our way to Tennessee for Christmas last month, we stopped in Little Rock, Arkansas, to visit The William J. Clinton Presidential Library.

This is the fourth presidential library we've visited. Each one is unique, but so far they've all had a replica of the Oval Office.

It's interesting to see how the different presidents decorated this room, and, of course we enjoy having our photo taken at the president's desk. (See our photo at President George H.W. Bush's Library HERE and President George W. Bush's Library HERE.)

President Clinton's Library also includes a reconstruction of the White House Cabinet Room.

A 1993 Cadillac Fleet Presidential Limousine is on display in the lobby.

And upstairs there's an elegant table set . . .

with beautiful White House china & silver & crystal.

The main part of the building is a long room of exhibits. We didn't have a lot of time to spend browsing and reading all the information in each of the exhibits, but we enjoyed our walk-through. I didn't remember that President Clinton played the saxophone until I saw this display of instruments that had been given to him.

There are alcoves all along the outside of this two-story room with exhibits covering a wide variety of topics.

The middle of the room (shown on the right in the photo above) also holds memorabilia from President Clinton's years in the White House. There are letters and notes to and from the President & Mrs. Clinton in those glass display cases.

The other side of that display shows photos and newsreels from each of the eight years of the Clinton presidency, along with a set of notebooks.

These notebooks hold the president's daily schedule (with some items redacted for security purposes) for each month of the year.

Did you notice the wood & blue columns all along the room?

They go from floor to (second story) ceiling and contain archive boxes filled with White House correspondence.

Here's a view looking down the room from the second story.

There was also one exhibit outside that I especially enjoyed - the Anne Frank Tree Installation!

In the middle is a sapling taken from the white horse chestnut tree that stood outside the Anne Frank House that Robbie and I visited a few months ago in Amsterdam.

There are currently 13 Presidential Libraries operated by the National Archives. They are spread from California to Maine. Have you visited any of them?


  1. How interesting that you found the Anne Frank tree. I visited the Jimmy Carter Library many years ago. My mother-in-law and her husband visited nearly all of the presidential libraries on their travels.

  2. Did you get to spend any time in the area? Cody and I love that area of Little Rock and stay just down the road from there whenever we go- and I get to walk along the river. Most often I get to walk down to the grounds of the library. Not that I think I'll ever have the physical ability to do it, but I'd love to take their trail all the way from there to the state park.

  3. Oooh, I've never visited a Presidential library before, but they are definitely going on my list for future visits to the US!

  4. I didn’t know about the Presidential libraries but if I ever come to the US where there is one I will be sure to visit as they look really interesting!


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