Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Note-taker's Bible

If you've been following along here for a while, you know that I have several Bibles that I use for illustrated Bible journaling. Each one has unique characteristics. The Note-Taker's Bible that I used for demonstrating during classes at Personal Scrapbook the past few years was unique in that it had a wide bottom margin. The side margin and bottom margin were both 1 1/2 inches.

After using this Bible to demonstrate various journaling techniques during classes, I would bring the Bible home and complete those pages. I really enjoyed this process because I spent time reading the scriptures in order to add or complete the illustrations. Here's a look at some of those pages.

I was obviously demonstrating adding color using a sponge dauber and Gelatos as well as layering torn washi tape on this page.

Using watercolors to add color/background is a simple technique that I share often. Here I painted the side margin and later completed the page with hand-lettering and some Illustrated Faith Hexies

In fact, many of my pages begin with either Gelatos or watercolors.

In the pages below, you can see the various backgrounds as well as how a variety of letters stickers can be used in that wide bottom margin.

Acrylic paints are another medium that I use for backgrounds. I especially like the Dylusions paints and apply them with a Ranger round blending tool.

I also demonstrate stamping in the margins. Here I used the Creating in Faith Esther stamp as well as a border stamp for the top of the curtain.

I used a different border stamp along the side margin on this next page. I obviously could have done a little better job lining it up!

While I like having the large bottom margin in the Note-taker's Bible, I have to admit that the pages tend to curl and tear more than the ones in the other Bibles I've worked in. This version is an older hardcover edition, so I'm not sure if the paper is different in other versions of this Bible.

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