Monday, February 26, 2018

Christmas Cards Layout

Over the past few years, I've accumulated lots of photos and stories and memorabilia that I'm planning to scrap . . . someday. My scrapbooking has slowed down quite a bit lately, although my desire to create layouts is still strong. So, I'm determined to do a better job this year.

Last week, I grabbed all the Christmas cards we received this past year (which were still in a pile next to my work desk in the craft room) and decided it was time to do something with them. I pulled out some of my favorite cards, cut signatures from others, and created a two page spread for our 2017 album.

I added some of the photos we received to my category drawers, clipped bits and pieces from some of the remaining cards to transform into new cards for this year, and recycled what was leftover.

It feels so good to have at least one pile of memorabilia processed and another FUN layout in our scrapbook.

What have you done with last year's Christmas cards?


  1. Ooh I see my card! This looks a good way to keep them. I take bits off cards I will use on layouts, photograph all the cards in situ before that and then make a layout with the photos of the cards. The cards are then recycled.

  2. We keep our cards for a few weeks into January and then they are recycled (handcrafted ones are dismantled for a new lease of life on a future scrapbook page).

  3. This is a great idea for those special cards! Thanks for your prayers for my brother!

  4. You received some really nice cards. I took photos of the cards we received as a last page of the December Daily. Special ones, handmade ones are tucked away, but a couple of the other comments inspire me to use on scrap pages.

  5. This is a great idea! I always THINK I'm going to do something creative with the cards we receive, but almost never bring those plans to life.

  6. Same thing! I processed those during the week between Christmas and New Years! The pages I made are still sitting on my craft desk waiting to be inserted into my Christmas album. Maybe I should take a photo...


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