Wednesday, February 7, 2018

FRESH Bible Journaling

The focus of my January Bible journaling class was a FRESH start, so I researched scriptures using the word FRESH and we discussed the definitions of FRESH, new beginnings, setting goals, and walking boldly in God's calling on our lives. I shared several Bible journaling techniques, including once again the napkin technique.

I chose a napkin with pink flamingos and bright palm branches as the background for my illustration of Psalm 92:12-15, which includes the line, "They shall be FRESH and flourishing." (I was so thrilled to read this scripture because my sister Brenda's word this year is flourish!)

I found another FRESH scripture in James chapter 3, which reminds us that "no spring yields both salt water and FRESH." The napkin I used as a background for this scripture has lots of colorful waves!

The ladies who joined me for these classes enjoyed this FRESH look at scripture and adding napkins in the margins of their Bibles.

This was a perfect FRESH start to the monthly classes I'm planning this year!

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