Monday, February 19, 2018

One Litte Word Album + January & February Prompts

Despite the fact that I pulled out some FRESH papers in mid-January to use for my One Little World album this year, I didn't actually get my album set up until this past weekend. However, I now have a FRESH album that includes my January prompt pages and February vision board pages.


In my continuing quest to use what we have on hand, I pulled a very nice three-ring binder from our office supplies stash. The cover has a leather look, but, unfortunately, it also had the name of the bank that originally gave out the binder.

And I really didn't like the paper strip that ran down the front and covered the inside of the binder.

So, I pulled out some cardstock and patterned papers and set to work, and now I have a FRESH binder to house my FRESH notes and the prompts from Ali Edward's One Little Word Workshop this year.


The January class materials are the same as in past years with 3x4 prompt cards and pages to record our plans and intentions for the year ahead. I used the digital cards to create an 8 1/2 x 11 printable page that also included a photo of me from December (hiking in the FRESH air) and one of the quotes included with the digital supplies in the classroom. I added handwritten journaling, then trimmed the page and adhered it to brown cardstock.

Instead of two pages for the Year Ahead and Intentions, I combined those sheets into one page. I added a couple of additional titles I'd cut from magazines and once again wrote out my journaling.

Rather than add tabs or dividers for each month, I've decided to include a 6x6 page protector to begin each month's section in my notebook. I'll be adding the quote from my Get To Work Book to it at the end of each month. At the beginning of the month, I'm taking the quote card out, writing in my goals for the month, and hanging it by my nightstand where I can see it each day. It's actually larger than 6x6, so I cut it down and put the quote on the front side of the page protector.

And added the bottom portion of the page to the back of the page protector. This left plenty of room to include Story Of The Month journaling.

Here's how it looks in the album (with the new patterned paper covering the inside of the album).

The other page I included for January was 6x8. I adhered photos of the two FRESH Bible journaling pages I created during my January classes to the front and back of that page.


For February, Ali encouraged us to create a vision board. Last year I created a couple of 12x12 vision boards that are still hanging in my craft room (and definitely work for FRESH air and FRESH travel plans!), so I decided to create something to go in my album. I've been clipping things from magazines since the beginning of the year, and as I sorted through them I ended up with four ideas for pages.

Putting these vision board pages together helped renew my INSPIRATION for making FRESH changes to ensure a FUN year!

Have you started your OLW album yet?


  1. those vision boards capture you nicely! I can see that this is going to be another awesome word for you!

  2. I love your vision board pages - I'm still trying to collect magazines...

  3. a very Fresh approach to tracking your OLW

  4. Great start! Love your list of ways to think about FRESH; it's a great OLW.

  5. What a great start! I love how the revamped folder now looks, great job!


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