Thursday, February 22, 2018

Take Three Thursday - Waterfowl

Joining in this week with Mary-Lou's Take Three Thursday - an effort to notice more of the ordinary in our lives. The idea is to take photos that are linked some how; by theme, by color, by date, by moment, by points of view.

I actually took these photos a couple of weeks ago intending to share them for Take Three Thursday, but some weeks seem to fly by faster than my plans can keep up.

Robbie and I were out for a walk at the local park when I noticed the waterfowl enjoying the winter sunshine, too.

What have you noticed this week?


  1. The big notice here was the dramatic weather change. I used photos from our trip for my Take Three Thursday this week.

  2. Thanks Melissa for joining in. I like all 3 photos but because I have always wanted a flock of my own white geese, I think the middle one is going to be my favourite.


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