Thursday, March 29, 2018

Colorful Produce

A few weeks ago, Robbie wanted to stop at Central Market, a gourmet grocery store that specializes in gourmet hard-to-find items. He was inspired to try a few new things, so (not wanting to quash his INSPIRATION for cooking) I just trailed along and let him shop. The produce department was a rainbow of colors, so, of course, I had to snap a few photos.

Robbie picked up some FRESH produce, ground bison, a rabbit, a FRESH loaf of bread, and a pie filled with FRESH blueberries. And, I might have added a little something to the grocery cart from this section! :)


  1. The big surprise for me on his list was the rabbit. I don't think I've ever seen rabbit for sale. I had rabbit stew once many, many years ago on a visit to New York City when I was in high school. Don't see it on many menus either!

  2. I don't think I've ever seem rabbit in the grocery store---or bison for that matter. Of course, it's not something I've looked for---nor would know what to do with if I found it! Those veggies are making me excited for summer and the farm fresh local produce!

  3. Such vibrant gorgeous colours of the fresh veg. I like to wander the aisles in veggies & fruits because you just never know what you will find to try.


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