Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Using Doilies in Illustrated Bible Journaling

The very first illustrated Bible page I created back in 2015 included part of a doily in my favorite color! (These Doodlebug doilies come in a rainbow of colors.) I used the doily as a base for an arrow pointing to my favorite scripture (Jeremiah 29:11) in my NISB Bible.

Doilies come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Heart doilies are obviously a great illustration for the many (many!) examples of love in the Word. I recently added a coral-colored heart doily and a white heart doily (along with a traced heart) to a page in my interleaved Bible. I used a glue stick to add these doilies to the page, making sure all the glue was completely dry before I closed my Bible.

I adhered letter stickers to a large white heart doily and added it to a page in my journaling Bible with a small strip of washi tape.

The washi tape allows the doily to hinge up so the scriptures and journaling beneath can be read.

When my niece Paige was here last summer, she chose a doily in her favorite color and included it on the title page of her new journaling Bible. Isn't it FUN how these doilies add a touch of lace and color to Bible journaling illustrations!

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  1. I love the page where you lift the doily to see the journaling. Anything that adds interest or a surprise draws you in to the page!


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