Monday, April 2, 2018

Live Your Life Well

Sometimes it's FUN to just cut out little messages and words from a magazine and glue them down on an art journal page!

There are so many encouraging phrases and mantras in the titles and sub-titles and articles.

It's even possible to make a FRESH declarative (and run-on) sentence.

Happy Monday Y'all!

(All these little bits & pieces were cut from a recent issue of In The Moment, a UK magazine I picked up to enjoy over the weekend.)


Karen said...

Fun! That's a magazine I've never seen.

Barbara Eads said...

Although I do not have any art journals or travel journals, I'm thinking this is a good idea in general. Not only could I do a scrapbook page regarding inspirational quotes or phrases, they would make good embellishments on just about any other kind of page too! I'll start clipping!