Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Using Embossing Folders for Illustrated Bible Journaling

Embossing folders are a great way to add design and texture to illustrated Bible journaling pages. By simply placing the open folder underneath the Bible page and rubbing over the page with the side of a colored pencil lead, you can create a background for additional journaling and illustrations (as in my example HERE).

These folders can also be used to add color and design within a shape that's already been traced onto the Bible page. On the example below, I used one folder for a very light gridded background, then another one inside the hearts.

The intensity of the color for the background or within the shape is determined by the color of the pencil being used as well as the pressure applied while going over the folder.

This technique works especially well on Bible pages because the paper in most Bibles is very thin. These designs can be combined with lots of other products and techniques to create unique illustrations of the lessons we learn in our study of the Word.

This quick and simple way to add color and design to any page is just one more way to use that collection of embossing folders in your paper crafting stash. Have you tried this technique?


  1. This technique makes me think of the grave rubbings people do. Our church set up Stations of the Cross as a Lenten devotion and one of the activities was to do a rubbing of one of several beautiful crosses they had on one of the tables.

  2. Good use of the embossing folders ... I have been using some of my to make Project Life filler cards.

  3. What a lovely way to use embossing folders.


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