Friday, June 29, 2018

Five on Friday - Nature & Sculpture Walk

A (sometimes) weekly feature here on my blog sharing five FRESH random photos (or thoughts or interesting tidbits).

Nestled amidst the urban development that continually claims land for new housing subdivisions or office complexes or retail centers in our area, the Connemara Meadow Preserve is a surprise of natural beauty. Earlier this week, I set out and found the almost hidden entrance road to this land conservancy area. I discovered a wonderful place for walking/hiking and captured several items for the 2018 Seasonal Photo Scavenger Hunt.

1. After parking near the gated entrance, I was delighted to find a wonderfully shaded road that leads to the meadow.

2. The conservancy is working to restore the meadow to native grasses, although there are still areas covered with invasive grasses. I'm not sure whether I've captured native or invasive grasses for (#10) A Field of Plenty.

3. This summer there's a sculpture exhibit in the meadow. All the sculptures depict the human form, and numbers 8, 9 & 10 make a perfect scavenger hunt find for (#14) A Trilogy of Three.

4. Human Nature Figure Number 1 provided the perfect opportunity to capture (#3) A Framed View.

5. Although it was terribly hot, it was so nice to have a chance to walk in nature rather than on paved sidewalks for a change!

This was my first visit to this preserve, but I'll definitely be returning! Are there any land conservancy areas near you?


  1. Wonderful finds & I especially like your trilogy of three.

  2. That's a great find for the trilogy of three.

  3. Fabulous finds for the framed view and the Trilogy of Three!

  4. Those three figures are such a clever find!


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