Wednesday, July 25, 2018

50 Things To Do Before I'm 50 - ONE Year To Go!

It doesn't seem possible that it's been four years since I created my 50 Things To Do Before I'm 50 List … and there's only ONE YEAR to go!! As I celebrate my 49th birthday today, here are some FUN statistics about my list.

* I've completed 34% of the items on the list! That's only 17 items, so I have 33 to go!

* I'll be checking four more items off before the end of August. :)

* Of the 17 items, I completed 3 in 2014, 2 in 2015, 6 in 2016, and 7 in 2017.

* I've completed 100% of the items I included to help my spiritual growth, 56% of the travel items, 25% of my stretch goals, and checked off the least FUN item

*Surprisingly, I haven't checked off any of the things I want to learn, although I've made progress on several of them. If you see something on the list below that you want to learn too, touch base and let's take a class together!

Here's a look at the full list, with the completed items highlighted and updates on some of the remaining items.

1. Hike to the bottom of in the Grand Canyon
DONE (March 2016 - read about it HERE)

2. Learn to speak (basic conversational) Spanish
I purchased Rosetta Stone but haven't even installed it yet!

3. Take piano lessons

4. Learn to ride a horse
I've taken a couple of lessons and hope to take a few more this fall.

5. Hike to the top of a mountain in the Canadian Rockies 
DONE (July 2014 - read about it HERE)

6. Lead someone to Christ

7. Lose down to a healthy weight (140-145 lbs) & maintain

8. Travel to Paris
DONE (November 2017 - read about it HERE.)

9. Read all the Pulitzer prize winners in Fiction (1948 – 2018)
I've read 43 of the 64 items on this list and will be completing the rest by the end of this year.

10. Re-read all my children’s/young adult books

11. Tour the Anne Frank house & the ten Boom home
DONE (October/November 2017 - read about it HERE and HERE)

12. Make a quilt

13. Play all the games in our collection

14. Visit Harry Potter World in Florida
DONE (November 2014 - read about it HERE)

15. See New York from the top of the Empire State Building
DONE (June 2016 - read about it HERE)

16. Earn a doctorate
I've decided not to pursue another degree at this point in my life.

17. Buy a camper & use it often
 Robbie and I have talked about this one and decided it's not the best option for the way we currently enjoy traveling.

18. Alaskan cruise
We'll be checking this one off on our upcoming vacation.

19. Take a cooking class

20. Go snow skiing one more time (at least)

21. Swimming lessons

22. Ride in a hot air balloon
There's a hot air balloon festival near us in September. If the weather's right, there are tethered balloon rides, and we're planning to check it out this year.

23. Have something published

24. Revise my will
DONE (October 2017 - read about it HERE)

25. Learn to make Mama’s biscuits so they taste as good as the ones she & Robbie make 
I'm saving this one for near the very end because once I learn to make them, Mama & Robbie might not be as motivated to make them for me. (big grin)

26. One minute plank

27. Dye Easter eggs again
DONE (March 2016 - read about it HERE

28. Travel on a train
DONE (November 2017 - read about it HERE)

29. Mission trip

30. Keep a daily diary/gratitude journal for one year 
DONE (January 2017 - read about it HERE)  

31. Learn to use my DSLR camera on manual (& auto!) mode
I've been working on this one!

32. Dance lessons (with Robbie, of course)

33. Fast for 3 days again
DONE (February 2016 - read about it HERE)  

34. Take private singing lessons

35. Visit Washington DC & tour the White House

36. See Niagara Falls
DONE (May 2015 - read about it HERE

37. Complete 10 scrapbook projects
I've completed 5 projects and have several more in progress. (I also completed six scrapbook-for-hire projects as well, but I'm not counting those for this goal.)

38. Buy or start a business
DONE (2016 - read about it HERE

39. Review all paid for scrapbook classes
I'm very close to completing this goal and am currently using the INSPIRATION from a couple of classes as I create layouts for our 2018 chronological album.

40. See some holiday fireworks
DONE (November 2014 - read about it HERE)

41. Learn to French braid my own hair

42. Improve photo editing skills

43. Buy and use a flower field/identification guide
Robbie gave me two guides (US eastern & western regions) last year, so I just need to use them a few times to check off this goal.

44. Go fishing again 
I'm hoping to check this one off while we're in Alaska!

45. Watch all the movies in our collection

46. Grow my own vegetables 

47. Read through the Bible again
DONE (November 2015 - read about it HERE

48. Glamping trip
DONE (March 2016 - read about it HERE)

49. Boot Camp class

50. Carve a pumpkin
DONE (October 2017 - read about it HERE)


  1. I'd say you'd made really good progress, and reevaluating some of the items seems really reasonable to me. I can't believe it's been three years since I met you and Robbie while you were in the area to see Niagara Falls! Where does the time go?

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Wishes. A very doable list & you certainly are ticking your way through. I agree, make the biscuits a last one. that way Robbie & your Mom can treat you which behooves us to allow people the opportunity to be generous to us. :)

  3. Happy belated birthday! I'd say you were making excellent progress with your list!

  4. I've always wanted to take private singing lessons as well. I'm afraid I might hurt the instructors ears though...

    The one on that list that I would try to do with you is the one minute plank. I haven't "planked" in two years or so now, but I was trying to work up to it in the past. Maybe we can work out a challenge and encourage each other?

  5. You've completed quite a few things on your list. Brava! I don't even know what a plank is other than to use to cook fish on the grill. That shows my age!!


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