Saturday, July 21, 2018

Are You Athletic?

You may have heard me tell the story of how I’m not very creative and believe that I’m the least creative person in my family . . . at least that’s what I convinced myself of for many years. It took me a long time to realize that my creativity may look different, but it’s definitely a part of who I am.

I think we all have beliefs about ourselves at times that are untrue! It may be something that we’ve recently convinced ourselves we are not capable of, or it may be a belief we’ve had since childhood.

For example, another thing I’ve always believed about myself is that I’m not athletic. Honestly, I don’t remember anyone ever telling me this, but there are a few things that may have led to this belief:

*I failed the beginner swimming class when I was in early elementary school.
*In junior high (that’s middle school for those of you a few years younger than me), I was playing shortstop during PE one day, and a line drive hit me in the eye and broke my glasses!
*In high school, I had to sit out of PE for several weeks because I pulled a muscle in my chest while striking out during a softball game.
*And, of course, there was a prevailing belief that smart kids weren’t athletic.

However, when I take an honest look back at my life, I realize that my belief was wrong all along. The word “athletic” means “physically strong, fit, and active” or “characterized by or involving physical activity and exertion.” While I may not have been excessively strong, I was definitely active and enjoyed physical activity. For example:

*One of my favorite toys was the Lemon Twist! (Check out the retro commercial HERE! While the original Lemon Twist is no longer produced, there are lots of similar toys.)
*I loved to ride my bicycle … especially to the library!
*In fifth grade, I tried out for and made the track team; however, we moved to southeast Texas before the season started so I never had a chance to compete.
*In my 20s, I went snow skiing, I did aerobic exercises (yes, I had a unitard & leg warmers), and I walked regularly with a friend.
*I still enjoy walking, hiking and bike riding. I even go ice skating on occasion.

So, while I may not be a competitive athletic, it turns out I am (and have been all along) athletic!

So, tell me, are you athletic? What beliefs do you have that might be untrue? Please share your thoughts in the comments.


  1. LOL unitard & leg warmers ... I attend an 80's fitness class where the instructor freely admits to be "stuck" in that time - it's a lively class & features all the music of the 80's & she sometimes comes in her favourite unitard & leg warmers.

    Excellent post - I'm glad you have disproved the false theory you are not athletic & you certainly are VERY creative.

    I have not sung a note out loud since 3rd grade when Mrs Dolan told me I couldn't sing & only agreed to let me part of the choir if I promised not to sing out loud. I have absolutely no idea what if any singing voice I really have. I do not sing in the shower, I do not sing in the car.

  2. I've always been "clumsy". When I was four, my Mom used to tell me not to run because it would invariably end in skinned knees. I was ALWAYS picked last for teams in gym class. YET, when I was younger I rode bike, roller skated, jumped rope (could do double dutch once upon a time). Then I danced - as in jazz dance classes and recitals. Now I walk and follow fitness routines online. So I stay active (fit is probably a stretch). Funny how different things are when you look back on it.


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